Nano Machine Chapter 128: Lord Yo vs.Round 1 of the throne successor!release date

Manhwa finally paves the way to the Crown Prince to become a worship leader.However, Lord Yo has some problems and does not want the Crown Prince lead their cult.That is why he will use all his strength in the 128 chapter Nano Machine to fight the Crown Prince and secure his position.But it doesn’t seem that the Lord can surpass the Crown Prince.The situation gets intense, and the only solution seems to die of the throne.Let’s see now who will devote himself to the throne.

The upcoming chapter will focus on the battle between the Crown Prince and Lord Yo.Both are seriously approaching the throne, and the Crown Prince knows that the Lord is dealing with the side effects of using demonic art of inverted blood.That’s why he wants everyone to be safe and safe.But this is not what you want.

Nano Machine Chapter 128: What will happen next?

Everyone seems surprised by the upcoming chapter after they saw the Crown Prince using the heavenly demonic art of the sword.The Lord is surprised that he sees it because he does not know how to use this method.So this is enraged by Lord Yo and can decide to use his most deadly sword technique to kill the Crown Prince.However, he may not know that supporters of the heir to the throne support him.One of them will give his sword to use the technique of the left and right sword.

He will piss Lord Yo when he sees the Crown Prince perfectly uses the sword technique.Now Crown Prince is in a victorious situation that angry Lord Yo and makes a difficult decision to defend his throne.He will again use a demonic inverted art art, and the demon inside him will start attacking everyone in the room, making it difficult to deal with the situation.

Short summary!

127. The Nano Machine chapter began with the place where it ended.Lord Yo Jong began to behave differently after he was accused of madness.So he decided to give the cult a good lesson.But his subordinate tried to calm him down, which the Crown prince stopped.At this point, his subordinate understood that his suspicions were correct.After their fight with the God’s clan, the fight for six blades, the Lord began to behave strangely.He thought it was because of internal injuries.But he was wrong.These were the side effects of the use of demonic art of inverted blood.

After realizing this, he went back and let the prince deal with the situation himself.Soon Lord Yo stated that everyone was against him because of the Crown Prince, who was only a chess figure that caused chaos in the sect and wanted to remove him.This pissed off the Crown Prince and soon they both indulge in mass fight.The Lord used his sword techniques to hit him hard, but the demonic sword of heaven helped the Crown Prince cope with the attack.Later, the prince of Crown used his black Qi to deal with the Lord.The battle became intense when the Crown Prince used the heavenly demonic art of the sword.The Lord seemed amazed, but he returned with a better move, ended with an explosion.

Nano Machine Chapter 128: Date of release

Nano Machine is approaching Crown Prince, and he will finally sit on his throne, which belongs to him.But before this happens, he must take care of the Lord.Chapter 128 Nano Machine will be released on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. You can read it on the official Nano Machine website.Be cautious.Anime Daily will inform you on a regular basis.