Naruto: Sasuke’s Story – Uchiha and the heavenly Star Star Dust explained

Naruto fans were happy when the spin-off manga,

Sasuke Retsuden,


Naruto: Sasuke’s Story-The Uchiha i Niebiański Gwiezdny Pył został ogłoszony w październiku tego roku.

Jun Esaka

, autor Sasuke Retsuden, uchwycił istotę oryginalnej serii i jej narrację do perfekcji. Cóż, czekanie minęło, ponieważ ukazał się pierwszy rozdział

Sasuke Retsuden

z kolorową okładką i stroną otwierającą. Zanurzmy się więc w to i dowiedzmy się, co wiemy do tej pory.

Naruto: Historia Sasuke – Uchiha and heavenly star conspiracy

The light novel focuses on Sasuke and Sakura Together, traveling to the mysterious

Editor’s land

And not only to find a cure for Naruto chakra disease.Naruto suffers from the disease of the chakra, which he mentions


.The disease turns its own chakra against yourself and causes a rapid deterioration of health.

But it is not everything;Kurama recalls that

Hagoromo Otsutsuki

, The sage of six paths, also suffered from the same disease.And because Naruto received Senjutsu six paths, he also suffers from the same disease.The good news is that Hagoromo managed to cure the disease with help

Janmar tartar

in the land of the editor.

That is why Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi immediately start investigating.Find a medicine for Naruto before it is too late.And all the events and the story of the same were captured in Sasuke Retsuden, also known as Naruto: Sasuke’s Story-Te Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust.

Naruto: History of Sasuke-Summary of the first chapter of Uchiha and heavenly dust

The first chapter presents the world settings with lots of new characters.The chapter opens the scene in which Sasuke circulates and asks the residents of the editor about the sage of six paths.However, because the editor is too distant and was always cut off from the rest of the world, nobody even knows what shinobi is.

But fortunately Sasuke meets a few mother and daughter,




who know something.Kail takes out a book called

Book of Yore

, which contains little, but important information on this subject.

The book mentions that Hagoromo was in the Tatar observatory, where he also healed.

But for centuries the observatory is now a prison for the editor’s prisoners.

That is why Sasuke immediately enters the observatory as a prisoner No. 487. He meets the director of the Tatar Observatory,


who is not who it seems to.After this settlement, Sasuke approaches a prisoner, who offers him to join him in escaping from prison.

However, the next day everyone is witnessing how those who try to escape are brutally murdered by


A mysterious dinosaur guarding prison.No one can miss, and he only follows Zanzula’s commands.Sasuke realizes that the observatory hides darker secrets than he thought.

Why did Sasuke and Kakashi visit the editor’s land?

As the story explains that Naruto suffers from a life -threatening disease, Kakashi and Sasuke begin the mission to find a medicine at all costs.Thanks to the interview, curama knows that Harogomo also suffered from this disease caused by the chakra and cured himself in the land of the editor.

That is why they start searching in Rendak, asking for finding any information about the same.

Naruto: Sasuke’s Story-The uchiha and the heavenly stardust chapter 2 forecasts

Considering how the first chapter captured the events from Chapter 1, stand out the novel, the next chapter of the manga will also tell about the events.

Now that Sasuke settled with the Tatar observatory, he will learn more about Zanzul and his goals.Thanks to the introduction of Meno, we know that there are dinosaurs in this scenery.But since they no longer exist in a natural way, how does the dinosaur guard the prison and under the control of Zanzula?Sasuke, and we’ll find out in the next chapter.

Secondly, Zanzul is not surprised by Ninjutsu Sasuke that he is a full -fledged shinobi.And despite the observation of his Sharingan, Zanzul simply indirectly warns Sasuke to stay in place and do not cause any more trouble.That is why he clearly knows a lot about Shinobi and probably also about Hagoromo.

The next chapter will capture events in which Sasuke carefully examines Meno and learns more about prisoners.However, it will not be as simple as it seems, because Meno is not an average dinosaur.As for Sakura, maybe we’ll soon see how it comes in.

If the manga contains a large part of the plot in one chapter in relation to its source, interesting twists are approaching.Alternatively, Chapter 1 does not differ from the original story, which is a good new way.It is quite clear that this manga will compensate us for missing Sakura-Sasuke scenes and their ties among Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

Naruto: Sasuke’s Story -uchiha and heavenly Star Dust Chapter 2 release date

According to VIZ, Naruto: Sasuke’s Story-The uchiha and the heavenly stardust chapter 2 will be released

November 5, 2022

.That is why Manga will probably run according to a two -month schedule.So you can mark your calendars, waiting for chapter 2 to tell us more.Fans are excited, seeing more Sasuke and Sakura’s bonds when they perform one of the most important missions in their lives together.

Where to read Naruto: Sasuke’s Story-The uchiha and the heavenly stardust chapter 2

Because Shounen Jump is the official publisher of Sasuke Retsuden, Manga is officially available to read on

Viz Media

.In addition to Viz Manga, it is also available on

Mangaplus shueisha

to read.Other official platforms, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Comixology, etc., offer manga for purchase.

Finally, because VIZ is quite harsh in terms of manga, you can encounter some difficulties finding a manga for private pages.However, there are many that they offer and to read at the time of its release.

Now, when we answered all questions about the wonderful spin-off, Sasuke Retsuden and its chapter, we will end the article.

We will come back with the next article covering the next chapter and everything you need to know about it when you appear and so on.In the meantime, get acquainted with several articles covering the latest chapters of some of the most popular manga.

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