Need for Speed Unbound presents a function that will cause a debate

Need for speed unbound is therefore revealed in the first movie from the game in which we can admire a very unique function.

As agreed, Need for Speed Unbound has revealed a little more today.A chance for Criterion Games to present a new function in your racing game.If this idea seems to be a good idea, it will probably be the subject of discussion.See instead in the movie above this message.

Very special racing effects for Need for Speed Unbound

Personalize your style.Choose driving effects.Let yourself be seen.

Start with nothing and slowly move your style to the absolute limit.#needforspeed

But don’t panic, the Criterion Games studio standing behind the Need for Speed Unbound has already announced on Twitter that it will be fully deactivated.The studio actually provided comments and questions in this respect:

Yes, you can turn off the effects.In fact, you can even decide to never activate them.Like any other part of the car.


A very funny function that will inevitably cause a debate between professionals and opponents.This introduces a slightly cartoon spirit to the Need for Speed Unbound races and makes everything even more arcade.Of course, this is not the NFS that you should turn to if you want to have a car simulation anyway.

NFS Unbound looks like previous NFS titles … And yet there is a completely different game.Like a classic muscle car redesigned and resurrected in a brave and modern spirit, but maintaining the original engine whose roar haunted the dreams of your parents or grandparents,

Of course, you can still race with hyperrealistic cars in beautiful locations, but in Need for Speed Unbound your personal exploration goes beyond the garage and invites you to play with many elements that change your passion to adventure, lifestyle and even a form of art.Cars, clothes, streets and even traces left on asphalt: thanks to this new episode of the NFS universe, your paths and boulevards of personal expression open unlimited horizons for you.



December 2, 2022 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

What do you think about these driving effects?Tell us, Dan