Netflix Details Implementation of the level of subscription with advertisements in November

Introducing the “basic with advertisements” level in 12 territories, playing 4-5 minutes of ads per hour

The new subscription level will last from four to five minutes from S per hour and a maximum resolution of 720p for content, without downloading the content for later browsing.Netflix added that a limited number of its content will not be available at this level due to the license problems “we are working on”.

The ads will be played before the content and during its intervals of 15-seconds.Advertisers will be able to manage their ads by country and species.

Netflix announced in April that he was considering adding a streaming layer with advertisements at lower costs.Netflix announced this after finding that from January to March it decreased by about 200,000 subscribers – far below the earlier growth forecast by 2.5 million subscribers.It was the first decrease in the service subscription for a decade.

Netflix announced in June that it releases 300 employees.The Hollywood Reporter said that the released constituted about 3% of the company’s current labor force.In May, Netflix dismissed about 150 employees, mainly in the United States.

At the beginning of this year, the stream transmission service has increased the prices of subscription plans in the USA and Canada.



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