Netflix finally makes life easier for people who have parted or divorced

Netflix has just launched a function that has long been expected.This will be particularly beneficial for people who have experienced a heartache.In the end they will be able to move their history and profile.

After a turbulent announcement of a new subscription with S, Netflix opens the curtain from a new function.It is addressed primarily to those who moved, broke and even divorced.

Sending function on Netflix

A new Netflix tool has been introduced.The streaming giant will finally allow users to keep the story and settings of the profile on the new account.The long -awaited function that has been available from this week.People are moving.Families are growing.Relations are evolving.Life consists of changes, but your impressions with Netflix should remain unchanged, “explains the SVOD platform on your website.

After moving, users will keep their personalized recommendations, history, composition, saved games and other settings on the new account.It is also and above all a way to fight Netflix with sharing the code, which means that it loses considerable sums.In France, the company estimates that millions of households use its services, but do not pay due to sharing accounts, which will soon be burdened with bitterness of subscribers.

The streaming giant tries to recover users who have fled after further price increases by all means.The monetization of sharing of accounts was the subject of preliminary tests.In South America, the creation of a sub -account cost $ 3 compared to around $ 2 in Peru.Therefore, adding to the price of the basic subscription will be a matter of only a few euros.