New original anime about trains announced by Kadokawa

Original anime entitled Shumatsu Train Co Iku?It was announced by Kadokawa today.Not much revealed about production, but we know that the director will be Tsutom Mizushima.Mizushima is well known among anime fans, she directed popular titles such as Another, Shrobako, Girls und Panzer (TV anime and films), XXXHOLIC and more.Anime also revealed the signature, which only says “I wonder if we were friends.”Visualization was revealed:

The announcement of the Shumatsu train, he Iku is on time, because today is the day of Japan Railway (October 14).On this day, the 150th anniversary of the opening of the first railway line in Japan passes.The track was connected by Shimbashi in Tokyo and Jokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture and was opened on October 14, 1872.

Anime lovers can remember Rail Romanesque;Another anime on the subject of the train, which was broadcast in the autumn of 2020 and focused on young women who were personifications of locomotives and railways.The last few titles (such as the film by the Demon Mugen Train conqueror) have also been imprisoned on trains.The new Kadokawa title seems to have something like a science fiction style.

In addition to key visual elements, it was launched

official website

anime.It is currently empty, except for visualization.Officials were also opened


On Twitter.The work does not have an official English title, but it can be translated as “where does the destruction train stop?”

Source: Official website

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