New screenwriter and executive producer Netflix for the new Death Note series live from Netflix

The new screenwriter and producer of the Netflix executive series on Netflix employs the screenwriter and executive producer

Danica Davidson on October 21, 2022

Death Note Netflix live movie may not have been a hit among fans, but Netflix is trying again with the Death Note series.The final date has just announced that Halia Abdel-Meguid will be the executive producer of the series and his script.

Deadline says that Abdel-Meguid lived in Tokyo and that he speaks Japanese smoothly.And she is already a fan of Death Note.Her own website contained


Her preferences: “Halia is interested in etymology, bearing heroes, antiheroes, ominous folklore.”Fantasy films from the 80s, Shounen Manga, historical cookbooks, Chopin, photographing early crime places, Gothic literature and films about the mafia. ”

Abdel-Meguid wrote the adaptation of the devil in the white city of Hulu, which has not yet been released.The devil in the white city talks about the real serial killer H.H.Holmes and is based on Erik Larson’s book about him.In addition, she works as a writing consultant for Netflix The Talisman, based on the book by Stephen King and Peter Straub.

The deadline did not give much information, so this may be our only Death Note update for some time.

Although the film from Netflix Death Note did not do well, the series is still popular all over the world.Started as a Manga series, he was adapted by anime, as well as live action films in Japan.

Viz Media publishes manga in English and gave this


first volume:

“Light tests the limits of Death Note when L and the police begin to approach.Fortunately, Light Father is the head of the Japanese National Police Agency and leaves important information about the matter lying at home.Having access to the Father’s file, Light may be one step ahead of the authorities.But who is this strange man who follows him and how light can be guarded by enemies whose names he doesn’t know? ”




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