Nights with a cat issues an announcement of episode 17

Nights with a cat – anime issued a preview of images and a summary

Episode 17

together with information about streaming.The episode is to be broadcast on October 12 and is entitled “The cat can pass if the head can fit”.The plot is described as follows:

While Futa-Cun cleans a room, Kyuriuga tries to enter it through a narrow hole of Japanese door.However, it seems that the cat is too small to fit through it, and …

Nights with a cat – episode 17 Preview images

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Ayahi Takagaki (Kuro in the Blue Exorcist series) puts a voice under the Kyuryuga cat, Satoshi Hino (Ainz ooal Gown/Momon in the Overlord series) plays the role of Futa-kun, and Atsumi Tanezaki (Anya Forger in the Spy X Family series) lends the voice of Sister Futa-Kun, py-chan in anime.

Nights with a cat are an essay in a manga written and illustrated by Kyuru z and published by Kadokawa.The series has 3 compiled volumes from April 28, 2022. Studio Puyukai (ISEKAI QUARTET series) produces anime with directing and script by Minoru Ashina.

Yen Press, an official English publisher of the English edition, describes the story

Volume 1


When Fuuta returns home tired of at night, he just wants to spend time with his new cat.All mysterious customs and manners of domestic cats are carefully recreated in this nice and charming comedy about life with a charming furry!


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