Nintendo now protects its employees against big haters

In the face of unacceptable behavior towards some of their employees, Nintendo takes actions.Any attitude that goes too far can be severely punished.

Nintendo says that stop anyone who behaves incorrectly in relation to customer service employees.

Nintendo takes action for her teams

It is not uncommon for the tone to grow quickly when we call the company’s customer service and things do not go as we would like.Some players probably crossed the boundaries of Nintendo’s taste, which they do not intend to sit idly.The manufacturer’s Japanese branch will update the provisions on the website/warranty.

Nintendo does not rule out sending their lawyers or contacting the police if they think they go too far.

By asking for help in repairing the product, avoid behaviors that go beyond the permissible social norms.Including those not listed below.

If we find that this behavior has taken place, we can refuse to repair or replace the product.

.In addition, if we consider behavior particularly malicious, we will contact the police and our lawyers to take appropriate actions in response to such behavior.






These inappropriate behavior includes threats, intimidation, insults and degrading comments, violation of privacy or defamation through social media and the Internet.This also applies to applications for free repairs in case of problems not covered by the warranty.The same applies to unjustified requests for apologies, but also “behaviors aimed at extending the appeal, such as excessive repetition of the same request or complaint.”

Nintendo examples are mainly based on a textbook published in 2020.A study conducted by the Japanese Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Welfare.She was interested in all kinds of harassment problems.