No More Heroes III-Review PlayStation 5

No More Heroes III “Travis received an improvement”

Information about the game:


PS4/PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, PC


X Seed Games, Marvelous USA


Grasshopper Manufacture Inc.

Release date:

October 11, 2022

Otaku for us here in anime Honey is not usually considered super cool and difficult, especially if you compare us to Travis Touchdown. The legendary killer of Otaku from the world No More Heroes should already be known to everyone, but he certainly has an interesting schedule of editions. The first two games came out quite close to each other, but the third release took a lot of time, and everything we got earlier is a strange arcade game with a view from above, which was fine. No More Heroes III was released last year in 2021, but shocked everyone, being released only on Nintendo Switch … until now. Yes, people, no more heroes III is finally released on many systems and we were lucky that we were able to get the PS5 version to convey to you, guys and girls, our thoughts. Should you enter the garden of madness again or let this bloody battle of Otaku? Learn this in our review No More Heroes III on PS5!

No More Heroes III

Unlike usual, we assume that you did not just fall into the madness of the NO More Heroes series at the third stage – technically the fourth entry and assume that you know everything about Travis and his mission to just kick your ass, and at the same time look cool, doing it.No More Heroes III is another annoying story in which a foreign ship came to Santa Destroy in California to kill humanity and of course Travis will not just look how his house is destroyed in this way.Armed with his faithful radial katana, Travis was again in the leaders’ table to achieve the first rank of intergalactic killer, but now, on PS5.

Immediately behind the gate you will notice that No More Heroes III finally looks modern.- Maybe not the level of graphics we expect in 2022, but much stronger than the original version of Nintendo Switch, which we received last year.In addition to graphics, the number of frames was increased per second and during more intense fights we can say that No More Heroes III was born for systems with slightly greater power under the hood.Usually, we do not focus on the graphics, which is the main point of the port’s sale or improved version, but in the case of No More Heroes III this is just the beginning of why these ports are stronger than the first edition.

No More Heroes III

For those who played in the first two titles No More Heroes, you probably remember the stupid ability to load the Travis radial katana – which works on the battery – by shaking the controller in a rather … provocative way.In No More Heroes III, Travis is still loading his weapon, as if he was holding something that is not a radial weapon, but although it seems less comical on the PS5 controller, we do not deny that this feeling simply has a greater impact.This strengthened feeling not only concerns the bitterness of his weapons, but the whole game.Breaking through the swarms of enemies and cutting bosses is much more satisfying than on Nintendo Switch.The fight is more responsive – although sometimes still a bit fluent – and the release of special combinations simply has a powerful impression that was missing in the switch version.Basically, No More Heroes III plays much better on PS5, which greatly facilitated the return to the Battle of Travis.

Updated graphics and an increased number of frames per second can make you believe that no More Heroes III has been completely rebuilt, law?Unfortunately, if you had any problems with mini-grams or strange jumps in the original No More Heroes III, then we have bad news for you … These are still here.Despite the fact that it is a full -paid game – $ 59.99 – No More Heroes III has been strengthened only visually and partly internally.Boring mini-games-which may be fun, but if you played the original, they will seem boring-and sometimes jumping difficulties crushing controllers return in this port, which may hinder sales to those who have already defeated No More Heroes III and I don’t care,that Travis’s hair looks even more shiny than before.

No More Heroes III

Okay, we know that your main question is whether you play in No More Heroes III for the first time.Is it worth buying?The answer is: yes, honestly.No More Heroes III is still defective in some respects and is still not perfect, but if you played all previous games and you love Suda51 (Goichi Suda), you know that this will not disappoint you.Like us, we didn’t mind the repeat in No More Heroes III, despite the fact that only a year has passed since the premiere of the last version and we beat it!No More Heroes III on PS5 plays well, looks amazing and made us want to support Suda51.

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