“Nobody will survive it”: this is a gruesome confession of the Friends star

During the publication of her memories, the Friends star talks about a traumatic episode that took place after filming.

You can’t forget about the school jokes of Chandler, the eternal partner Joey, in Friends!After years of gathering all kinds of failures, his translator, Matthew Perry, transmits his messages in his memories, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing, in bookstores on November 1.Autobiographical exercise in which he returns to the darkest sides of his career in connection with addiction problems.This particularly tragic episode made him close to death when he was only 49 years old.At that time, Matthew Perry revealed that he suffers from the perforation of the digestive tract, the “hole” in his stomach, which caused him as much pain as anxiety.

In an interview with People, a magazine,


He says today that for weeks he fought for survival, and his colon cracked after excessive opioids.After two weeks in a coma and five months in the hospital, the actor had to resort to the Colostomic bag for less than a year.He recalls: “When I was admitted to the hospital, the doctors told my family that I had 2% chance of survival … I was connected to a machine that performed all the respiratory work for my heart and lungs.This machine is called “I greet you Marie.”Nobody will survive it … “Very expensive paid addiction!

Why Matthew Perry doesn’t have all the nice memories of friends

If he owes him his fame, Matthew Perry doesn’t only have good memories of Friends.At that time, the actor consumed not less than 55 Vicodins a day, a diet combined with significant weight loss.As a result, Perry weighed 58 kilograms, which was a consequence of this excessive and unlimited consumption.”If the police came to my house and said:” If you drink tonight, we would take you to prison, “I would packed, says Matthew Perry.I could not stop because the disease and addiction are progressing, and with age it is getting worse.To give up, he needs fifteen detoxifying treatments.Today, the lively Matthew Perry confides in humor that he does not play sport, because he does not want to “end up playing superheroes themselves.»