Nyarko-san anime celebrates the 10th anniversary of new graphics

Nyarko-san anime celebrates the tenth anniversary with new graphics

by Joseph Luster on October 21, 2022

Strangely enough, the Anime Nyarko-San celebrates its 10th anniversary this year!Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos for the first time premiered in April 2012, and the series marks a milestone thanks to the new visualization and more.

The image coincides with the presentation of the cover of the upcoming Blu-ray box, which premieres are to be held in Japan on December 23.The set will contain two TV series and OVA series over seven albums and six CDs, with the latter contains 101 songs from the series.Check the new anime graphics and the cover of the Blu-ray box with additional Christmas graphics below.

Blu-ray box anime nyarko-san is now available for pre-sale in Japan and is priced at 32,780 JPy, which in total gives about USD 240.

Crunchyroll broadcasts television anime and a short flash series, describing them concisely:

“I am a chaos that always crawls to you with a smile, nyarlathothep.”A silver -haired girl with this nonsense slogan appeared!

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