On the altar of the family season 2: Netflix has already planned the release date?

The tragic end of the first season gives us an insight into the sequel, but did the streaming platform with the red logo agree?What a pleasure to find the biggest of Nimri and Alba Flores in this new, original Spanish creation, which is already very popular among subscribers.Gloria is in a very poor condition during the last minutes of the series and will probably have to quickly find a new identity!

Caterina and Germany will probably not survive a car accident but for now nothing is certain.How will Abel cope with escaping with hostage and Natalia, who was seriously hurt the stinging wound of gloria?Answer in

Season 2 on the Altar of the Family

We reveal all the information we have on the day of the premiere of season 2 on the family altar (Netflix)

After watching the Spanish draper, we did not know what to expect and we must admit that we were rather surprised … The series takes place in all directions, and Gloria Dark Secrets gradually catch up with it until completely immersion.After all, this new life will be a complete failure and our heroine will have to disappear again, but with a hostage and an injury of Natalia can be much more difficult than the first time …

With this, the creator of the series clearly reveals to us that he is counting

Season 2 of stage on the family altar

, but that doesn’t mean Netflix has already agreed to finance the sequel.Many original creations have recently been canceled, and the end of the first season would suggest a continuation for the heroes … The return of the top Niemri will therefore depend on the ratings achieved by eight episodes.


Netflix has not yet ordered the second season at the Family Altar

And we will have to wait at least a month before we find out if we will soon have the pleasure of meeting Ablem, Gloria and Natalia.As soon as something new appears, this article will of course be updated.

The trailer of the second season on the Family Altar will be available soon online?

Season 2 of the family altar has not yet been renovated

, waiting for the trailer to be launched can take quite a long time.First you will need to finish the production of subsequent episodes, and this will take at least ten months.

The first photos of season 2

Unfortunately, they will not be available online.

What is the release date of the second season on the Family Altar on Netflix?

The streaming platform has not yet agreed, but it is quite easy to predict the publication of the next season, because we know that the American company almost systematically imposes a year of waiting between two seasons of the original creation.(except when the package is ordered in advance, but this is not the case in our case).


For the altar of the family, the release date of season 2 will be scheduled for October 2023.

, if Netflix quickly makes a decision and production starts in a few months.Maybe you should try “Observer”, the new series of Ryan Murphy, who has just appeared on Netflix.We are sure you will like it!

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