On the altar of the family: the new Spanish thriller goes to Netflix

In the new original work, the most important Nimri will appear (absolute Alicia from the attack on money), who will play the single mother, who decided to move to Madrid with two children under a false identity.The small family is hiding a heavy secret, but above all they want to be able to lead a peaceful life, unfortunately their past can catch up with them …

The trailer is quite mysterious on the altar of the family, but it seems that the fiction will reveal primarily to the history of the mother who is ready to sacrifice everything for her children.Eight episodes are already available on Netflix and are waiting for you!

On the altar of the family: Discover the trailer of fiction

Another Money Heist actress will also be the cast of the new original work and she is Alba Flores (Nairobi).That is why we quickly understand why a streaming platform with a red logo does not

She promoted the family on the altar

… With such a cast, subscribers will not be able to help see at least the first episode!

In general, quite mysterious trailers in which we don’t understand much, suggest excellent surprises, so everything we have to do is watch

On the family altar.The episode format is quite short, you need less than five hours to complete the first season.

About the family altar: who is in the cast?

In addition to these two, there were Money Heist heroines, who do not need to be introduced, Álex García (private romance, Secret Origins) will also be there!Two children of the character played by Niemri will play: Carla Campra (Feria: Crop of Darkness, Veronica) and Alvaro Rico (Alba, El Cid).

What is the release date of at the Family Altar on Netflix?

The original creation has been available in the catalog of the American company for several hours.

The release date on the altar of the family was set for Friday, October 14, 2022.

, only on Netflix.If the plot of the mysterious Spanish thriller did not convince you, try the “observer”, which has just been released on the streaming platform.

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