Once upon a time, a small town: a bit of sweets to devour on Netflix (k-dramate)

The streaming platform with a red logo still adds to its catalog series from South Korea, because subscribers especially appreciate the original creations from Asia.

Once upon a time, the small town has just started live

, and this romantic comedy will be viewed only on Netflix!

Han Ji-Yul is a veterinarian who decides to leave the large city where he lives to settle in the countryside.Our hero will then discover the rural life and meet An Ja-Yeong, a young policewoman who seems to be everywhere …

Once upon a time, a small town: Discover the trailer

Unlike many k-drams, all episodes

Once Upon a Small Town was released simultaneously on Netflix

.In this way, you can now watch the fiction inspired by the internet novel written by Park Ha-Min and published in 2019.According to the party


The series obtained a result of 87% at 459 votes, so what are you waiting for to immerse yourself in this wonderful affair?

Who is in the cast one time in a small town?

The hero will play Choo Yeong-Woo (Police University, School 2021) and a young policewoman Joy (The One And Only, Tempted).They will be accompanied by Baek Sung-Chul (Inspector KOO, The Witch’s Diner), Jung Suku-Yong, Park Ye-Ni and Na Chul.If you are not used to watching K-DRAM,

Once upon a time, a small town is a bit of sweets

, which will make you understand why this species is so popular in Netflix.

What is the release date of Once Upon a Small Town on Netflix?

The series is now available on the streaming platform from

The release date of Once Upon a Small Town is scheduled for Monday, October 17, 2022

.Twelve episodes are therefore available only on Netflix.You can always check the schedule of the Netflix Week if you are looking for another self -mode.

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