One Piece chapter 1063 spoilers and raw scansLaw vs.Teach, Battle for Road Poneglyph

We returned with another spoiler, this time to

Chapter 1063 One Piece

, after we witnessed an interesting ending of chapter 1062, in which the remains of CP0 are in motion to eliminate Vegapunk.Fans are excited about thinking how Lucci will react to the sight of Luffy this time.CP0 will definitely plan Nico Robin instead of eliminating Vegapunk when

According to

He knows that straw hats are also on the island of Egghead.Let’s discuss the events from the next chapter.


In One Piece Chapter 1062, Ode Sensei incorrectly placed the number punk 06 instead of 05. So the one that appeared in front of Luffy, Bonney, Chopper and Jinbei was punk 05, Atlas (Violence), not punk 06.The same day of release and apologized for it.Another correction is that Seraphin Kuma has gray hair, just like other seraphs.Below we attach correction details.

One Piece, chapter 1063 spoilers

Finally, the confirmed spoilers are over.The next chapter will be exciting.We will witness the next fight, this time between Blackbeard Pirates vs.Heart Pirates.The title of the next chapter is ”

My only family.

“Shows the relationship between

Kuma and Bonney.

The chapter will start from the title side, where it will witness, how everything froze, including crying




.He says the pudding was kidnapped.So who will he be?Maybe


?The chapter will continue from the last panel about Egghead.Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe and Bonney will change into a special outfit


This is a kind of futuristic clothing that increases your strength, speed and durability.However, only Jinbe will wear


Clothes.Will meet


, police robot at Egghead in uniform.Vegapunk created him to fight the intruders.This is a robotic kuma that wears round sunglasses and has robotic arms.There will be a fight between Kuma and Luffy robot, but Bonney will stop him.Bonney will tell him that Kuma is her biological father,

jej jedyną rodziną a ona nie chce go skrzywdzić. Będziemy świadkami przeszłości Bonney, gdzie młody Kuma trzyma dziecko Bonney. Teraz nadchodzi ciekawa część. Przejdź do innego miejsca, w którym rozpocznie się kolejna ekscytująca bitwa. Zobaczymy, że

piraci Czarnobrodego

napadają na Prawo na środku morza. Czarnobrody wraz z

Jesusem Burgessem, Van Augurem, Doktorem Q i Silniejszym.

Silniejszy jest koń, na którym jeździ Doktor Q. I wszystkie mają moce Diabelskiego Owocu.


Yami Yami no Mi (pozwala dowolnie manipulować ciemnością) & Gura Gura no Mi (pozwala na tworzenie wibracji)

Jezus Burgess:

Riki Riki no Mi (przyznaje użytkownikowi nienormalną siłę)

Doc Q:

Shiku Shiku no Mi (pozwala użytkownikowi zarażać ludzi chorobami)

Van Augur:

Wapu Wapu no Mi (pozwala użytkownika do teleportowania innych)


Uma Uma no Mi Mityczny Zoan, Model: Pegasus (skrzydlaty koń, koń, który potrafi latać)Prawo stworzy pokój i ucieknie na pobliską wyspę, ale

Van Augur

najpierw teleportuje


.Burgess podniesie całą górę i zaatakuje Prawo. Law stworzy miejsce i przetnie górę na pół.

Doc Q

również przybędzie na


, a Czarnobrody jest na nich, używając swojej zdolności Yami Yami no Mi. Doktor Q zaatakuje Lawa i spróbuje go zarazić, ale Law anuluje to, używając swojego Haki. Powie, że silny Haki może unieważnić zdolność Diabelskiego Owocu i dowiedział się, że podczas walki z Big Mom i Kaido. Czarnobrody pojawia się przed Lawem i mówi mu, że zastanawiał się, który z trzech kapitanów (Luffy, Kid i Law) najpierw skrzyżują się z nim ścieżki.

One -on -one fight between Law and Teach will start on the last page.Teach will say that Kaido must have one poneglyph and he will take all your Road Poneglyph.Law will answer that he is ready and the winner takes everything.

And the battle begins.

Raw scans One Piece Chapter 1063 will be released in a while.We will update it in this post.

A few interesting forecasts:

What happens if Teach collects the fruit of the law?In our opinion, Teach is not interested in the devilish fruit of the law.Because to service


You should have knowledge of medical sciences.So risk for

The devil’s fruit of the law will be a waste.

On the other hand, as mentioned in the chapter, he only wants road poneglas.There is a high probability that Teach will win this fight, and in exchange Law will give him all his

Road poneglyph


The cover of chapter 1062 presented an emotional trip to

Chocolate city

.Everyone was frozen to death, and now in chapter 1063 we can see that Cracker is also frozen.So who was behind it?We know that you all think about


.It is possible, therefore, that the other black -pirate pirates attacked the island of Toto to collect Poneglyphs.Big Mom is currently dead and there is no news about her crew.Only Katakuri and Oven are there to fight.Indeed, they are both very powerful, but they are still against the Pirates of Czarnobród.So two of them will not be able to beat the entire crew.

The chapter began with the introduction

Vegapunk 02 lith,

Bad.She decided to rob the pirates of a straw hat.However, punk 01, Shaka warned her that it was the crew of the Emperor.They look soft and behave childishly, but they have the potential to knock her down in the blink of an eye.It was fantastic to witness a shocking word

Lilith’s face

.Punk 01 told her to take them to the laboratory because Vegapunk wanted to discuss something with them.In our opinion, Vegapunk knows that CP0 is well on its way to eliminating it and therefore there is a possibility that he will ask for help from pirates of a straw hat.

Then we witnessed the appearance of punk 05,


He appeared in front of Luffy, Jinbe, Chopper and Bonnie.It has a brutal feature, so during the conversation she hit Luffy and other holograms.She told them the secret to the temperature control of this island.So from Luffy’s side punk 05 will lead them to the main laboratory, where punk 02 also arrives with pirates of a straw hat.

At the end

Lucci, Kaku and Sussy

He arrives to destroy Vegapunka, where Kaku explains to everyone that Vegapunk has created six satellites to help him, and all these satellites are Vegapunk together.Then we witnessed the flashes of the Kuma Serafin (about white hair, as mentioned in the correction).Lucci asked about the reason for eliminating the most useful man in the world, but Kaku warned him to get everyone in trouble.

It clearly shows that Lucci was not satisfied with orders according toHe believes that Vegapunk has a relationship with Lulusia’s incident.Let’s see what will happen next.

Date of chapter 1063 One Piece

This week there is no break, which means that Chapter 1063 One Piece will be released on Sunday, i.e.

October 16, 2022

.Full raw scans will appear in the next two days.We will update this post when we get unprocessed scans.

Where to read Chapter 1063 One Piece

Now Chapter 1062 One Piece is available on the website official websites VIZ Media and Mangaplus Shueisha.And they will be available on October 16, 2022. Until then, you can read spoilers and raw scans to find out what will happen in the next chapter.We will come back with the next article One Piece.Until then, be with us on a regular basis and read the articles listed below.

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