One Piece Episode 1037: Luffy left?release date

After losing Luffy, everyone is able to repent.It’s hard to believe Luffy has gone.But it seems that a miracle will happen in One Piece Episode 1037.Although Luffy is not to stop Kaidou, his allies do a great job, defeating Kaidou and his team.They work hard to stop this threat and inform Kaidou that they are able to win the battle.But can they?Read on to learn more.

In the 1037th episode, Kaidou continues to approach the land of Wano to get the throne and kill the emperor.However, cinema will try to stop him.In the meantime, the rest of the straw hat crew will continue the fight and try to beat the enemies as best as possible.As for Sanji, he will no longer refrain and attacked Queen with all his strength.But Luffy’s fate hangs in the air.

Episode One Piece 1037: What will happen next?

After defeating Luffy Kaidou, he returned to Onigashima.Although Kin’Emon tried to stop Kaidou, unfortunately he was not strong enough to stop him.However, he bought enough time for Momonosuke and Shinobu to inform the Emperor’s companions.Although everyone thought Luffy was killed, soon after everything would change.When Luffy is to wake up, he is determined to defeat Kaidou.

However, fans have to wait for this.This is because Luffy will not wake up before, because the announcement of the One Piece 1037 episode shows that the captain is still drowning.Meanwhile, his companions will continue to fight Queen and Kaidou.As for Queen, he will continue to fight Sanji.It will turn out to be intense and more harmful.Meanwhile, their enemies will still believe that Luffy is dead.We will be in the center of attention, while the pirate of the animal kingdom will not stop, even though he was seriously injured in the fight against a great mother.

Short summary!

Earlier in episode 1036 One Piece, Chopper continued to fight Queen, while Luffy sank in the ocean.But he seemed demotivated after the captain’s defeat.In Onigashim, everyone was stunned after Bao Huang’s announcement.Some could not believe it while others reacted like Chopper.Meanwhile, onigashima was close to country and finally reached the mainland.When the samura is subjected, nine red vagina encouraged them to continue fighting Kaidou.However, Izou, Kawamatsu and Sanji had different views on Luffy’s death.

After returning to Live Floor Queen, she beat Chopper and was to bite him, but Sanji stopped him.Sanji’s kicking was so strong that she was dizzy.Later, Sanji tells Chopper to trust Luffy before he orders Zoro to take care of the wounded swordsman.Then he went straight to fight Queen.Above the first floor of Kin’emon lost the battle of Kaidou.But he still fought despite the injuries.In such a difficult time, Kin’emon thought about Momonosuke when Kaidou stabbed him again.

One Piece Episode 1037: Date of release

Kaidou still believes that he defeated Luffy, which is half true.Luffy will return soon.It can be viewed in episode 1037 One Piece, which will be broadcast on October 23, 2022.It will be available on Japanese television networks, and fans from around the world can stream it on Crunchyroll.Be cautious.Anime Daily will inform you on a regular basis.