One Piece Film Red remains first in the eleventh weekend, Live-Action Karada Sagashi Horror Film opens to 2.

One Piece Film Red was opened in Japan on August 6.The film became the best -selling and best -selling movie in the series.Earning on film installments, both in terms of the number of tickets sold and the earned yen at the ticket office.The film was also at the top of Top Gun: Maverick, becoming the best -paid film that was opened in Japan this year.Anime is both the best -paid film anime of all time in Japan, as well as number one in history with the best -paid film in Japan.

The film focuses on a new character named Uta, daughter of Shanks.Kaori Nazuka is a speaking voice, and ADO in the figure singing.ADO also performs the theme song of the movie “Shinjidai”.Goro Taniguchi (Code Geass, One Piece: Defeat The Pirate Ganzak!) They directed the Piece Film Red.The script was written by Tsutom Kuroiwa (One Piece Film Gold, One Piece: Heart of Gold, Gantz: Oh, live actress Black Butler), and the executive producer was the creator of Manga One Piece himself, Eiichiro Odea.

Kanna Hashimoto plays the main heroine Asuka Morisaki, and the director Eiiichirō Hasumi (Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, Live-Action Assassination Classroom) for the first time in six years they met again with Hashimoto.Harumi Doki wrote the script, and Yūgo Kanno composed music for the film.

The original Welzard novel about mobile phones on the EVERISTAR website inspired the adaptation of Manga Murase.Manga inspired a series of short anime movies that debuted in the Production I.G Tate Anime (currently anime Beans) application in July 2017.

Yūichirō Hiraqawa (Live Action The Promised Neverland, Erased/Boku) Dake Ga Inai Machi, Waiting for Spring, Rookies, Jin Projects) directed the film.Anne Watanabe made a cover of the popular folk song Michio Yamagami “Tsubasa O Kudasai” as the theme of the film.

The original manga inspired the film Anime Yoshifumi Kondō and Studio Ghibli in 1995.

The film took 7th place at the opening weekend.The film sold 86,500 tickets and earned 140 million yen (about USD 996 400) in the first three days.The film earned about 69.61 million yen (about USD 495,400) on the opening day of September 2, earning 63% more than the previous film in the series, Uta no Prince herself Maji Love Kingdom, he did on the first day after opening in Japan in June 2019.

The film – described as part of the “new series of theater films” – consists entirely of concert recordings of the Idolek ST ☆ rish group.Noriyasu Agematsu was once again recognized as the original creator of Broccoli.Elements Garden composed music, and A-1 Pictures produced a movie.Shychiku deals with the distribution of the film.

The film was opened on September 23.The film was directed by Akiifumi Zako (Hugtto! Precure).The script was written by Jin Tanaka (Eiga Mahō Tsukai Precure! Kiseki no henshin! Cure Mofurun!, Star Twinkle Precure: Hoshi no uta ni omoi wo komette).Hitomi Matsura (Precure Miracle Universe) designed the characters and was also the main director of the animation.Shiho Terada returned from a television anime to compose music.Moeha Nochimoto performed the movie song “Yōkoso, Okosama ♡ Dreakaren” (Welcome to the Dreakaren child).

The films of the anime Yomiji is to me, the one who loved you (kimi about aishita novels Hitori no side e) and to every you and loved before (side of Ga aishita subtete no kimi e) fell to the first ten in the second week.For me, the one who loved you still earned 27,052 780 yen (about USD 181,800) from Friday to Sunday and earned a total of 125,300,600 yen (about USD 842 100).


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