“One Piece Film Red” revealed the battle scene of pirates of red hair!Trailer Vol.4 reaches the point of history

The fourth trailer of “One Piece” movie Red, the latest film anime “One Piece”, was released.It presents light and shadow with the songs “I’m Invincible” and “Where the Wind Blows”, while showing the Red Hair Pirates battle scene, which is published for the first time.

“One Piece” is a romantic story about sea adventures based on a manga by Odys Eiichiro, which began in “Weekly Shonen Jump” in July 1997 .. On July 22, 2022, he also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the series.

“One Piece Film Red”, released on August 6, 2022, is the latest film in the series, which presents a story that begins with a shocking discovery that the most beloved singer in the world, Uta, is the daughter of Shanks.

The fourth trailer, which has just been presented, shows scenes from the past of Uty, which reach the heart of the story, along with the flashes of Shanks and Gordon.Feelings for Utyla.The film raises the expectations of those who have not seen it.It also contains the battle scene with the Red -haired pirates, which is shown for the first time, and the Luffy scene reminiscent of the execution of Gol D. Roger.The trailer is obligatory even for those who have already seen the movie.

In the first half the trailer, the magnificent scene of live performances of the world Diva is shown with the song “I’m Invincible”.The atmosphere changes in the second half of the trailer, when the “Where the Wind Blows” plays, showing serious scenes.

What is the sad past of Uty, which seems to be strong and confident?Three men who desperately protect their loved ones: Shanks, father of Uty, who overwhelms others with his deep passion for protecting Utyp;Gordon, a adoptive parent of Uty, who begs her for saving;And Luffy, who fights for saving Uty, also has to be seen.

“One Piece Film Red” is currently available in cinemas.

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