One Punch Man Chapter 172: Saitama and black sperm conversation!release date

There are many threads that are just about to develop in the new chapter.But the one to which fans are most interested are Black Sperm.The hero appeared on the main screen when he learned that Evil Natural Water sowed havoc in the world.However, meeting with Saitama was certainly not part of his plan.Now, when these two are in the same cage, things will take a turn.Here’s everything you need to know about the latest chapter, One Punch Man Chapter 172.

In the story below, Black Sperm will ask all the questions that he has to Saitama.The source of his power for people he admires, everything will be analyzed in detail.But Saitama can’t tell him anything.

One Punch Man Chapter 172: What will happen next?

The next chapter One Punch Man will be a continuation of the Saitama meeting with Black Sperm.There are many questions that a man must ask him in the same relationship.However, he is first shocked, seeing that Saitama is nothing like the hero described in rumors.It is neither huge nor muscular.Instead, it looks as average as possible.Later, the main villains of this series will also receive an official introduction.

Psychic sisters are three women who only want to spread a lot of misfortune in the world.However, the main motivations of these three are not clear in history.It will be interesting to see what makes Saitama and villains in the same frame.

Summary of the previous chapter!

The last trip, Chapter 171 One Punch Man, meant the beginning a completely new arch to history.It was an official introduction of mental sisters in anime.At the beginning of two class A heroes met with Saitama in his own home.However, they could not see the hero.Instead, the man they met was a king.Considering the type of bluff he is, King took a large part in all events that took place between him and Garou.

On the other side of the transition, there was news that Evil Natural Water is trying to destroy a lot of her.And Air was the first to be seriously injured during this.And so Black Sperm appeared in history to offer him help.At the end of the chapter, the man could finally meet with Saitama.However, he was shocked by the usual view before him.

One Punch Man Chapter 172: Date of release

Knowledge about the intentions of Black Sperm is something that will appear in the next chapter.But for now there are no strict scans in the public domain.The same applies to the release date of the chapter.One Punch Man Chapter 172 is expected to be released on October 21, 2022.Fans will be able to find all chapters only on the official pages of VIZ Media and Shonen.Finally, look at The anime Daily to get all the information only here.