Only: the founder of Pop Circuit says that the future of anime defects in Chennai is clear

There is undoubtedly MultiPlex Theatrical & Media, such as PVR and Sony India, record a huge response what films and films of anime they receive in India and all over the world.Fans went crazy because of the release of Jujutsu Kaisen 0, which resulted in huge Box Office collections in India worth over 5.40 CRS on the first weekend.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero broke records in the USA i

One Piece Film Red

He is currently beating records in Japan and intends to cross the boundaries of cash registers in India and the United States.

Many clubs from all over the country organized group watching, watching events and events on the occasion of these films.And the city of Chennai is no exception.

Several unofficial watches appeared in the city, but

Merchandise & Event Company Pop Circuit

He tries to become an official player, gaining permits from interested authorities to organize such events on a large scale.

Things began with a small group watching

Jujutsu kaisen 0

, and then moved to the independent event “Spark”, focusing around the film Ramayan anime.

Nikhil Ravikumar, founder of Pop Circuit, thought: “Can we be much higher?”And then he appeared

One Piece Film Red

.The number of participants of this group viewing was indeed so high (over 550 people).This is the first time Nikhil was dealing with such a crowd.

Despite the long and exhausting day, he was still enthusiastic, patiently answering our questions, describing how

One was created a song Red

Group Watch and accompanying events, coordination of anime clubs in Chennai, the role of PVR and the future of such events related to anime in the city.

When we talked about the event itself, it all began by informed him by Bangalore anime Club that PVR wants to watch a nationwide group.Unfortunately, this did not happen because of the separable fandom and anime clubs in this country, and instead the attempt ended with many slack.

“I did the work at the basic level and told others and PVR that we would do exactly what we did for the JJK0 event.If the headquarters moved to a higher level, it would be great.In the case of a nationwide event plan, many things were proposed, but there was nothing specific.Even the official post office “Nikhil said Animehunch.

So he decided to take control of Chennai and gather many clubs at the city level under

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“There are about 5-6 different anime clubs in Chennai that do not interact with each other.They are completely fenced off.But in almost every club you will find many people following the stoves.We saw it as an opportunity to unite all these clubs, because this is the only time you see the Chennai anime community as a whole, “he said.

Nikhil recalls that some problems are underway between them.Clubs, but their leaders saw fruit in unification after such a long time.

“It was very difficult before, because all these clubs have many current problems.But this time it so happens that all club leaders at this particular time are reasonable people and saw what it means not only for their club, but for the whole community to unite and do it, “repeated the founder of Pop Circuit.

He ensures that the heart of the event is the forgiveness of personal arguments and a joint meeting for the inhabitants of Chennai.”All the organizers of this event are treated equally,” says Nikhil.

There were 15 organizers for this event.And each of them was involved in various activities, such as planning, coordinating and performing cosplay, music and quizzes, along with photography and sale of tickets.There was a huge crowd only for collecting tickets, so the crowd management was also a difficult task for new events planners.

Remembering the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 group watch, he expressed how different this event was in the case of PVR.

He had to pay only the exact number of tickets (about 210), needed for the already existing officially mentioned programs


However, PVR cinema, for

Red movie

, gave 2 cinemas for fans shows at 15:00.& 18:00 in SPI Palazzo, Forum Mall, Chennai, October 9 (Sunday).This caused a problem because there was practically no budget to finance this event.This means that they had to call 546 people (273 places for each concert) and convince them to buy tickets.

PVR Pictures provided their team with several official badges with those of One Piece as gifts, and the organizers decided to organize events around them.Hence the cosplay, anime quiz and music events.

But he thought that things are not suitable for over 550 people, so he believes that better strategies are needed in future events.

“We managed to make enough presents and funny games thinking that this is a great event.Everyone here says it’s a great event.But it was done literally at zero budget.And it was quite big for us.I think we have to think about our strategies and understand what a big event is and how it differs from smaller ones. “Nikhil admitted.

He also noted that, as in the case of

They stoves

, a similar large event could have taken place when the JJK0 group was watching if other groups and clubs united.But he put his leg on One Piece, because he realized that Chennai Anime fans have a huge devotion to this series, perhaps more than any other.

The problems he had to face while conducting events were not necessarily related to PVR WADA.According to Nikhil, no one expected that a huge crowd of over 550 people would appear, which makes him the greatest gathering of anime fans in Chennai.

Problems began to appear when people began to accumulate around cosplayers and began to loudly chant the names of the character.PVR cinema employees were concerned about the safety of everyone and shortened both cosplay and quizzes.However, the organizers managed to maintain quizzes and music events in the theater itself.

There were some delays, changes in schedules, organization of events, but in total everything went down, the founder of Pop Circuit felt.

Now, when it ended, Nikhil thought about what he learned and how it could improve in the planning, organizing and implementing large events related to anime in the future.

“We are ahead of how we operate.In particular, group shows.Because now we understand how it is done internally for PVR, which allows us to adapt it to them.We understand how seating systems, ticket systems and other legal formalities work.PVR has its own set of parameters, goals and fears, so we understand how to make their lives easier. ”

The beneficial situation for both sides is what the young anime enthusiast is looking for.

In the case of an event

They stoves

People had to complete Google forms and physically pick up printed tickets at the ticket office hours before the start of the event.This meant that large groups and many people formed in the rooms, including PVR staff, were burdened.

When talking about cosplay events in Chennai, Nikhil felt that he would only be better.

“I think I have never seen better cosplay organizations in terms of what was prepared for this event One Piece.Earlier there were no rooms where cosplayers could prepare.But this time we had separate rooms for men and women.It was an attraction for me.I thought we achieved something. “He spoke with a broad smile.

He decided that they had created a base for future cosplay events.However, its structure is still not sure.For example, when does it start?Is there any competition?How to coordinate cosplayers and move them accordingly?This is something that there is no answer yet.

Going to the last question about PVR support for these organizers and clubs in supporting events related to the premieres of anime films, Nikhil said that PVR staff is very competent.He described their work label as a “positive corporate”, which he wanted.

After all that has been said and done, Nikhil feels that he needs official support from the highest level PVR management.

In this case, it defines official support as “giving us priority when anime films are released, along with discounts, official goods and places to conduct events in a liquid way.”These events should happen on a large scale in Chennai, but they have not yet happened.

In other cities, such as Bangalore, the appearance of 1500-2000 people is considered a norm.That is why he believed that PVR Chennai must think more broadly.And the event One Piece organized by his team is just the beginning.

Nikhil believes that fans’ support is high, but it must be noticed by the highest PVR management.If so, anime fans from Chennai can really see the upcoming great events in the future.

“The local team of Chennai does everything in its power to support us, but they do not have too many resources to be fully equipped to organize large -scale events.We need a high level of support from the official PVR management to reach the sponsors, which we are able to do after all these events.If Top Management comes and provides us with 2-3 sponsors at the beginning.I feel that with their help we can really go to different places, “he said, ending the interview.