OP and ED music videos for the song are your eternity, season 2, without loans released

This Your Eternity Season 2 premiered on October 23, 2022. Source of the photo: Studio Drive

The release date of the second season “To Your Eternity” took place on October 23, 2022, which is the autumn anime season.

Immediately before the premiere of the series, the production team released the non -library OP and themed songs of ED “Pink Blood” by Utada Hikaru and “Roots” Masashi Hamazu.

『不滅 の あなた へ へ へ へ へ へ へ へ へ へ へ へ ノンク レジット レジット レジット | 宇多田 ヒカル「 「「 「Pink Blood」 【To Your Eternity Season2 OP | Hikaru Utada Pink Blood】

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Pink Blood Hikaru (film above) was also used as a song opening the first season is Your Eternity, but the music video for season 2 contains new visualizations of Fushi and other supporting characters.

Masashi Hamaz’s ED “Roots” theme song (film below) is instrumental.Hamazu also composed the theme song to Your Eternity Season 1 Ed “Mediator”.It is quoted that the artist said that Mangaka was your eternity yoshitoki ooima gave the topic a title.

『不滅 の あなた へ へ Season2』 ノンク レジット Ed | 浜渦正志 「「 Roots 」【To Your Eternity Season2 Ed |Masashi Hamauzu roots】

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Fumtsu no anata e episode 1 debuted yesterday on the Japanese television NHK Educational tv.

Crunchyroll and Ani-one have a license for a series for an international audience and will broadcast the series in Japan.

For the cast and staff of the second season 2 Your Eternity

The Fumtsu No Anata Data release was announced on September 6, 2022.The announcement was accompanied by a completely new Key Visual, who introduced additional cast members.

Crunchyroll presented the trailer of Season 2 to Your Eternity during the anime Expo 2022, thus revealing that the series will last for 20 episodes.

In July 2022, the fandom shocked the stunning advertisement: Studio Drive was to replace Brain’s Base with Your Eternity S2!Kiyoko Sayama replaced Masahiko Murat as the director of the series.The other members of the main team play their roles again in the second season:

Kouji Yabuno – designer of the character Shinzou Fujita – composer of the series Ryou Kawasaki – music composer

The cast of the second season is Your Eternity:

Reiji Kawashima – Fushikenjirou Tsuda – The Beholder Tomori Kusunoki (Makima in a man with a chain saw) – Hisamemitsuki Saiga – Kahakutakehito Koyasu (Dio Brando in the bizarre adventure of Jojo) – Bonchien.

Individual chapters were collected in eighteen volumes of Tankōbon as of September 16, 2022.

Kodansha USA has a license

This is your eternity manga

to publish in English.English translation is to volume 17, which was issued on May 5, 2022 (digitally) and published on July 23, 2022 (in print).

The date of release of volume 18 has not yet been announced.