Or Chainsaw Man for Kids: Parents Guide & Age Rating

Chainsaw Man is a manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto, which was originally released in 2018.It is embedded in a world where devils are born of human fears, and the stronger the fear is, the more powerful devil is.On the other side there are so -called devil hunters, i.e. people specializing in hunting and employing devils.The adaptation of the Anime Chainsaw Man is currently broadcast in Japan and is currently one of the most commonly discussed anime, but is it suitable for your children?Because Chainsaw Man is simulated in the United States, we decided to say whether the series is suitable for children or not.

Chainsaw Man is classified as TV-MA in the United States;Amazon Prime mentions the program as 18+, and in Japan is mentioned as R18+.And although Chainsaw Man is certainly not the most mature series you see, has a moderate amount of sexual references and a large amount of violence, blood and vulgarisms, which is why it is not suitable for younger children.

In subsequent paragraphs we will develop this answer and provide additional information about the content of the program.You will find out if Chainsaw Man is suitable for children, what is terrifying and bloody, whether sex, nudity and profanity, as well as at what age it is right.This will be your final guide for parents for Chainsaw Man.

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At what age is it suitable for Chainsaw Man?

According to official assessments, Chainsaw Man is assessed as “ma”, which means mature.This standard is defined as follows: this program is specially designed for adults and therefore can be inappropriate for children under 17 years of age.Amazon Prime mentions the program as 18+, and Japan mentions it as R18+, which is the same assessment in Singapore and Great Britain.Other countries also used a similar (if not more stringent) rating for Chainsaw Man.What does it mean?

This means that Chainsaw Man is a program that only adults should watch, not children.Children under the age of 18 (or 17) should not watch this program, because the censors considered it inappropriate for their age.This is the official rating of the program, and now we will observe what the situation looks like in several different categories.

A man with a chain saw: sex and nudity

As we could find out, there is a mild level of nudity in the series, but there are some references to sex that may not match the youngest viewers, but so far – it’s not much.This category is relatively good compared to other categories.Here is an example of some scenes containing nudity and/or sexual references:

The introductory film to the series shows power in bikini.Then she approaches her breast, but only for a few seconds, then moves further and there is no mention of it.The hero of Denji dreams of a romantic and sexual relationship with a woman and is constantly focused on this, in fact that he is ready to sell to do it.One of Denji’s dreams is to touch the girl’s breast and he often talks about it, currently focusing on both Makima and Power.Sometimes the screen brings the girl’s breasts closer, but this does not happen often.

As you can see, it’s really not much, but it can be suggestive for younger viewers.

A man with a chain saw: violence and bloody

Human violence and brutality with chain saw were described as serious and we can only agree with it;The first episode contained scenes of excessive violence, which did not always seem deserved, but are part of the style of the series and match tradition.There will be a lot of gore and death in the series, which will be supplemented by macabre and bloody characters, as well as intensive and brutal fighting scenes.

Examples of violence in the series include decapitation, mutilation, fragmentation, death in shock, etc., from which even the main characters will not slow down;You will also see internal organs, which is another example of the Gore series.In addition, because Denji uses chain saws as his main weapon, and chain saws begin to leave his body, so this is also another example of the brutality of the series.

A man with a chain saw: profanity

As for profanity, they are not often presented in a man with a mechanical saw, although they are present.Examples of words that you can hear are “asshole”, “tits”, “shit”, “fool” and “asshole”, while the word “dog” is used in an offensive way.This may disturb some viewers and this is something that children should not really repeat, but adds realism to the series, right?

First of all, we must emphasize this Chainsaw Man characters are not scientists;Denji is a poor teenager who never really graduated from school, like Power, and although government agents are educated, they kill monsters for life, so you can imagine in what world they live in.The characters did not swear, right?Secondly, we must emphasize that the series presents the lower layers of Japanese society, which is why such a language is more than anything else proof of the realism of the series.

So profanity is certainly present in the series.But we don’t think it’s something wrong.He simply adds the realism of the series and helps viewers better understand the characters, the world and the whole scenery.Everything else would be completely unusual, so we can only praise the authenticity of the performance.What’s more, they are not often recommended.

Should you let your children watch a man with a chain saw?

A man with a chain saw is not an excessively disturbing, except for bloody violence.The atmosphere of the series is brutal, and the producers did not really try to tickle the anime compared to the original material, which makes sense when you know how mature Chainsaw Man is.Now, while the program certainly does not focus on profanity, its world is simply such, full of violence and blood.So, to achieve your own, inherent realism, the world of Chainsaw Man had to be brutal, because only in this way can you realistically present the whole idea.

Such dark fantasy settings are not strange when it comes to Japanese art, and there are many other manga and anime that present such worlds and where the dark fantasy mixes with violence.Actually, we have to praise the courage of producers to stick to the original material so faithfully, which is rare in anime adaptations.So should you let your children watch a man with a chain saw?

Well, official assessments suggest that you should not, but it all comes down to your parental approach.We in fiction Horizon do not think that Chainsaw Man is the worst, but violence if the series may be a bit too big for children.We realize that children do not perceive how adults, but violence is very extreme, so we do not think that children really enjoy it.Teens can watch him, definitely they don’t have to wait until the age of 18, but Chainsaw Man is really not suitable for children because of violence (profanity and sex references are not a problem here).

Children under 13 years of age may be a bit confused, but we do not think that those older than 13 or 14 years have any problems with the performance.It’s not like they are going to catch a chain saw and keep looking for devils for slaughter, right?Well, at least we hope that we are right.So in our opinion, Chainsaw Man is too brutal for children under 13 years of age and should definitely not watch it, but teenagers and older fans can definitely watch it without major restrictions.

Artur S. Poe was fascinated by fiction since he saw Digimon as a child and read Harry Potter.Since then, he watched several thousand films and anime, read several hundred books and comics, played several hundred games of all genres.