Overwatch 2: Console players must learn to shoot and are disgusted

Another controversy around Overwatch 2 this time is not about the economic model or the premiere, but about console players who are deprived of assisted aiming.

Overwatch 2 is still fighting for regaining strength after a chaotic premiere.Ten days later, the game still has several problems.Only yesterday in the FPS multiplayer game once again the server problems after maintenance and update appeared.What is currently being talked about in the discussion spaces is, however, the lack of functions on consoles in the interplalatform game.

Re -assembly of players in Overwatch 2

As in many modern productions, Overwatch 2 allows players from various platforms to meet and compete with each other.A marriage that sometimes forces programmers to introduce some changes so that everyone is on a par.For his free game, Blizzard completely removed assisted aiming on consoles during matches in cross -game.The decision, which is discussed in the community and dissatisfaction begins to grow among PlayStation and Xbox players.



, The “console” complained a lot.They believe that after activating targeting support, they are already in an adverse situation against PC players.They refer to the precise precision of the holy keyboard/mouse set, with which they cannot compete if the function is taken away from them.Conversely, those on the PC think that it exactly helps the players he concerns during matches, but they do not want to have aiming on their side.Controversy, which, however, does not apply to the competitive aspect of Overwatch 2, because it is impossible to compete in the ranking between the PC and console players.This helps to look at matters from a different perspective, but the community seems to be very divided in this topic, which is also discussed in other productions of this species.