Overwatch 2: Gifts in case of a disaster and bonus

Blizzard apologizes for the chaotic edition of Overwatch 2, the gesture speaks for itself, because the gifts will be offered to players and special weekends will take place.

A week after the premiere of Overwatch 2 is not ready yet.The heroes devoted time in the garage to fix the error that broke the game, problems with the server at the exit, there were players who are not entitled to the amount due, theft of loans … Blizzard wants to buy back with players.To do this, the publisher prepared small presents as a sign of forgiveness.

Gifts in Overwatch 2

Endless queues have disappeared, the main problems have been repaired, but players do this do not forget about the catastrophic release of Overwatch 2. The game was removed in metacritic and social networks, and dissatisfaction grows rapidly after different failures, some of which still persist.To convey the ointment, Blizzard wanted to move a week after the beginning of the defeat.To thank those who joined this new chapter, the studio will offer gifts.

Everyone who logs in

between October 25 and at the end of the first season

He will receive the legendary skin of Captain Reaper Curse and Decoration for Weapons Health Package.And because the new economic model is not appreciated and you need more than two small facilities to get it to a small bonus.A few weekends with double PD will actually take place in Overwatch 2. No dates have been given yet.However, the publisher promises to come back during the week to summarize the opinions of players.

“Thank you again, your opinion is necessary and we are still listening to our community.We are now a live service, which gives us the opportunity to continue to make changes at a faster pace than in the past to make Overwatch 2 the best possible gameplay.We can’t wait to show you so much, “summed up the publisher in a press release.