Paradigm Paradox – description of the passage of Ayumu Mamiya


Only Kamui, Mihaya, Ayum, Tokyo, Hyuga and Yukinami routes are available from the beginning.Completing the happy ending of Ayum unlocks the “Top Secret: Ayum Mamiya” scene in reports on business.Removing all the main endings of Ayum (Happy, Normal, Bad3) unlocks the “empty: Ayum Mamiya Investigation” scene in reports on activity.Ayum’s last computer game can be obtained by reading “Void: Ayumu Mamiya Investigation” in activity reports.Soft recommended route:

Kamui → Mihaya → Ayumu → Tokyo → Hyuga → Yukinami → Ibuki → Ryo → Finale


Common route

-go to the student council room

-go to the student council room

-I will do this myself.

-go to the research district

-MU, of course.

-Cat vectors.

“I think there will be nothing.”

(To justice)

-Paroś Kaori for help.

-Do to an empty class.

-The up a quarrel.

☆ Ayumu Mamiya route

-Haruce with augment.

-Chit towards Ayum.

-You didn’t have to be so mean.

-We apement on everyone.

-Don’t let go.

-Wake Haruka with the augment.

Create a record file 1 HERE

-I don’t know what I meant.

-Cat hyuga and yukins.

Create a record file 2 HERE

-Don’t force yourself!

-Don’t be so willing to die.

-I’m glad I know the real you.

-Stay there.

-Chat vectors.

Create a file Save 3 HERE

-And with Haruka.

~ Happy end ~

Normal end:

Load the saved file 3

-Cast augment on Haruka.

~ Normal end ~

Bad end 3:

Load record file 1

-It’s weak point is Ritsu.

-Take Haruka thanks to the extension.

-Tend me.

-Phe up that you live for Rizzy.

-We were so close.


-This extend to everyone.

-Lan the augment on Haruce

~ Bad end 3 ~

(Unlocks 1 CG)

Short bad ends:

Load Save File 2

-Let’s get!

(Bad end 1)

Load file saved 3

-We Hyuga.

(Bad End 2)