Paradigm Paradox – description of the transition of Ryo Tomitsuka


The route is unlocked only after cleaning the Ibuki route.Removing the happy ending Ryo unlocks the “Top Secret: Ryo Tomitsuka” scene in reports on activity.Removal of all main endings of Ryo (Happy, Normal, Bad3) unlocks the “Void: Ryo Tomitsuka Investigation” scene in reports on activity.The last CG Ryo can be obtained by reading “Void: Ryo Tomitsuka Investigation” in activity reports.Soft recommended route:

Kamui → Mihaya → Ayumu → Tokyo → Hyuga → Yukinami → Ibuki → Ryo → Finale


Common road

-Do in the corridor

-Do in the corridor

-Thank you.

-Go to the outer wall.

-I do not know.

-Then with Moravia.

-I’m going on Lize!

(For bad justice)

-Take them boldly.

-I can’t save Lize?

-Do to the academy.

Ryo Tomissuka

-Thank you very much.

-I’m glad you get along.

Create a file Save 1 HERE

-Nothing by now.

-I want to learn more about you.

-I’m good outside.

-All right.

-Cicho use your power.

-You don’t seem hostile.

Create a file Save 2 HERE

-The say that he is not an enemy for you.

Create the Save 3 file here

-Then with Ryo Sam.

-I know that Ryo will not shoot.

Create a file Save 4 HERE

-They won’t go dry!

~ Happy end ~

Normal end:

Load the saved file 4

-Why do you tell me all this?

~ Normal end ~

Bad end 3:

Load the saved file 1

-I took out a few things.

-I need information.

-I feel good on the outside.

-I will go alone.

-Then with Ryo.

-You make it.

-The say that he is not an enemy for you.

-Then with Ryo Sam.

-The say you can attack faster.

-Why do you tell me all this?

~ Bad end 3 ~

(Unlocks 1 CG)

Short bad endings:

Load the saved file 2

-Don’t say anything and go out.

(Bad end 1)

Load the saved file 3

-Call others.

(Bad End 2)