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A series of Percy Jackson adapted by Disney+appears on the horizon.And three new roles have been planted!


Percy Jackson universe

They press eagerly in anticipation of the series.And the more time passes, the more the cast is confirmed.What’s more, three new actors join the promising epic adventure.In fact, the novel

Rick Riordana

they were so successful that adaptation


differs.If we forget about the film adaptation, this universe still hides a lot


For those who did not read the novel.The action takes place in our time in the United States.A young man named Percy Jackson discovers that he is actually

semi -profit

.Yes, he would actually be the son of Poseidon!Holy surprise for a young man!

The teenager therefore goes to the Hero Cologne.This place brings together all

Children of the Greek gods

And allows them to safely use their skills.But when Éclair de Zeus is stolen, Percy Jackson is responsible for recovering the artifact for the purpose

saving the world

.So he must go to North America to find him.The plot that promises to be many twists and surprises!And if the filling of the three main characters has already been announced, other names are still added to the list.Indeed, the leading trio will occur

Walker Scobell, Leah Sava Jeffries


Aryan Simhadri

.And this is a new trio that has just joined the adventure.

Every hero needs a terrifying immortal being.This saying, right?

Meet more cast members


and The Olympians in



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October 13, 2022

These actors play three iconic characters




and d ‘


Finally they have a face!Indeed, that

Adam Copeland

He was elected to interpret the god of war.The actor is known for his successful WWE wrestling career.Meanwhile, the jellyfish will play

Jessica Parker Kennedy

.The young woman was seen in Black Sails or The Flash, two series that worked very well.Finally, the role of an echidna landed

Suzanne Cryer

Silicon Valley star.

Suffice it to say that these big names bring not without significance a bonus to the already impressive cast Percy Jackson.Indeed, they join Virginia Kull, Timma Sharp, Glynna Turman and Jason Mantzoukas.Dior Goodjohn and Charlie Bushnell will also be there!And let’s not forget about Clarisse La Rue and Luke Castellan.Of course it remains

Many available characters

, but it looks like the cast is getting bigger.This message makes you want to discover the Disney+series!