Playlist Season 1: Is it inspired by a true story?

Check if season 1 of the Netflix playback list is inspired by a true story

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know if the playlist is inspired by a true story

, read on!Thanks to the social network, technical biographies work according to the same pattern.There is a startup, founded in the fog by one obsessive and charismatic visionary.

There is a fight for victory, to show a world resistant to change what the future looks like.And then there is a crazy win that has its price.However, mostly

Netflix playback list

Avoid this pattern.To find out where the series was shot, read it.

Drama about the creation of Spotify,

The playlist

He has a very willing vision in Daniel EKU, a programmer who created the application and quickly became the most powerful man in the world music industry.But Spotify is a Swedish company, and The Playlist is a Swedish program, which means that light socialism is needed.But

To what extent is the playlist inspired by the real story of Netflix?

Is the playlist inspired by a true story?

The playlist is partly based on real history

.The series is based on the novels of Sven Carlsson and Jonas Leijonhufuda “Spotify Untold”, which tells the story of Daniel Eka and Martin Lorentzon, the brains of the Swedish Music Service Spotify.The streaming giant created a miniseries based on a book that tells the story of the entrance of the Audio stream platform to the American market and the opposition that Apple faced.

However, according to Carlsson and Leijonhufvud, although the incidents and confessions referred to in the book come from people close to Ek and Lorentzon, they are not from the founders.So although the authors’ duo did not interview the founders, they could get information from former directors of the company, board members and colleagues.

Thanks to secret contracts that Spotify contains with such companies as the Universal Music Group a Sony Music, a Swedish organization, has developed a niche in the United States.By adding to the paranoia of the EKA related to his relationship with Apple, the authors say that the founder once thought that Steve Jobs was doing a joke.

While the tensions between the two companies are in the center of the book, the Netflix series focuses more on how the company was created and has become one of the leading music platforms in the world.

Spotify also briefly discusses the difficulties in the American market penetration, although the competition with Apple is not as visible as in “Spotify Untold”.


It can be easily considered as a half -fictitious relationship from the creation of Spotify.The events presented in history follow the general schedule of how Spotify has become what it is today.However, it cannot be confirmed that the details and conversations described by the series are 100% accurate.This is why

The playlist is partly based on true history.