Playlist Season 1: What does per sundin do today?

Find out what happened to per sundin today, the former Sony CEO

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What are we doing today on Sundin

, read on!Does real technology become a new real crime?


, the new “fictitious” series about creating a streaming service for sending Spotify music, this year becomes the fourth series telling the story of the start-up.To find out which part of the series is inspired by a true story, go here.

Based on the Spotify Untold book, the six -part Swedish series tells the story like Daniel Ek and his partners tried to “undermine the status quo, changing the way we can all listen to music”, according to


If you liked the series, you can have questions.Especially about a certain per sundin.

What does per sundin do today?

We’ll tell you everything.

Who is per sundin?

When Daniel Ek was created


Per Sundin was the general director of Sony Music Entertainment, which built a reputation of the company in the Scandinavian countries.At the time

Per sundin

She fought a war with piracy, which meant a huge loss of revenues of phonographic labels.To find out what Petra Hansson is doing today, read it.

A few months before release


Per Sundin left Sony to join the Universal Music Group as the president of Nordic Biznes.In 2008, per sundin became the first director of the record label cooperating with Spotify.When the music industry doubted the potential of the streaming platform,

Per sundin

He stood up for the company.

What does Sundin do today today?

Per sundin

He was the president of the Universal Music Nordic Region and the General Director of Universal Music Sweden until September 2019. Then

Per sundin

He joined the Pophouse Entertainment, where he currently works as the general director of the company.In Pophouse

Per sundin

He joined Björna Ulvaeus from Abba, and the company focuses on creating, purchasing and developing brands in the music industry.

Although per sundin left two higher positions in the Universal Music Group to join the pophouse, he did not leave the company completely.He still serves the company as an impossible president of the Universal Music Nordic Region.According to sources

Per sundin

He currently lives in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.For 28 years he has been married to Jenny Fanta Sundin.Sundin announced the separation of the couple in July 2022.