Playlist Season 1: What is the date and time of release on Netflix?

Discover all information about the bonus of the 1st playlist season at Netflix!Date and time of release, etc.

The playlist will soon be available on Netflix!

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Season 1

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published an official trailer

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His upcoming series about the creation of Spotify, and almost a two -minute trailer indicates that the series will be a very serious look like a streaming giant has built his empire.

If you are a fan of business dramas at a high rate, this one seems to a large extent to match the bill, and the trailer indicates dramatic scenes in the conference room, sophisticated parties and even testimonies in the congress.You can find everything you need to know about new products on Netflix here.

To say, if you are looking for a completely accurate history of Spotify development, that’s not true.Although the trailer says that this series is based on “6 unspoken stories”, Netflix claims that this is a “fictitious story”.Now we will tell you everything about

Playlist season bonus on Netflix.

What is the date and time of the premiere of season 1 list in Netflix?

Waiting does not last long.

The release date of the first season of the playlist

It was established on October 13, 2022 on Netflix.For the impatient

The release time of the first playlist season

.It was set at 9:01 on the Spanish Netflix website!

What can we expect from the series?


Playlist season 1

He tells us: “On a summer afternoon in San Francisco in 2011, after more than a year delay, Daniel EK, the young general director of Spotify, celebrates the American launching his company.Only fifteen minutes further was the modest, brick house of Steve Jobs, who worked hard so that this moment would never happen.

The technological war between the iPhone of Apple and Android raging and Jobs recognized the downloaded music written in his software as a key weapon in his holy war with Google.But Spotify has redefined the front lines.From the modest beginnings as the Swedish company, Platforma Ek jumped to the top of the world of streaming music, using the threat of piracy and illegal download, to convince notoriously hardcore music labels to sign up.But if Ek thought that the battle was won that summer night, he would soon find out that it was different.