Plush Anya Forger Nesoberi Lay-Down is available for pre-sale!

Anya is now a pillow!Photo: Sega Goods

After returning the anime Spy X Family with new episodes, our friends from Sega Goods and Crunchyroll decided to give us the plush Anya Forger Nesoberi Lay-Down!It is about 8 inches and is made of plush.

But for USD 29.95 it will not break the portfolio, and the pre -order order ends on October 27, 2022.But don’t let it stop you from buying this charming plush!

Anya is ready for hugging!Photo: Sega goods

A perfect fit!

Anya is one of the sweetest characters I’ve ever seen, and making it a plush, especially one that you can use as a pillow, is a natural choice.Her personality never ceases to dominate the screen, and the antics she falls into are everywhere.

Especially in the case of a new family member, which is to be named in the second half of the anime, will we get it in a spy x Family episode 3?Anya is as mysterious as when we saw her for the first time in episode 1, but her character development is a real pleasure.

Although Anya is afraid of Loid and Yora or anyone who learns about her power, don’t hesitate to help her family.Of course, it doesn’t always succeed, but she tries.

And it counts!I will never get bored of looking how Anya cheats on her parents.”Mom, help!I was kidnapped! “”Dad, I want to eat here!

Anya is a source of good quotes and always makes me smile.And this plush version is not different.He is wearing an Eden uniform with beautiful details that complement the plush.

Mr.The dog sees the future!

Attentive fans already know why the Bond dog sees the future.But will we see more Project Apple in season 1?And how well can Anya use her skills by hiding her own?

They both turned out to be very clever, but they can distract themselves quickly or scared.We still don’t know how Anya escaped from scientists experimenting on her.

And the likelihood that Anya and Bond will be the only ones with powers is very small.But because we just got a bond, I doubt that we would soon see another telepath or medium.

Spy X Family has an excellent pace;Each episode seems to be there.And the characters receive a decent amount of time on screen and development.

I don’t want this series to end!