POP TEAM EPIC Season 2-episodes 1-4

I have never done something like that before, but recently I had the absolutely strangest experience and I am damn sure that it was because I was assigned to review in the new Pop Team Epic season.It is quite strange that I felt that I could not share it with you and I honestly do not know if I would be able to give it back, writing alone, so I went on and joined my photographic evidence.

The shipment reached me in the middle of the night, claiming that it was addressed to me from this side, although the label was … at least unconventional.

After removing the whole tape and plastic, I discovered something that I can describe only as the most sketchy box I’ve ever seen in my life, although “P” and “E” reminded me of a program that I had to start this weekend …

I’m going to equalize with you.I have no idea what the hell is going on.A doll with a cursed butt.This … whatever-to the hell is made of clay, in the lower corner.I almost decided to throw it in the basket, for very obvious reasons, until I looked closer to all tapes inside …

Pte?Biggus Mchugeguy?Child -friendly torture?It all began to do … Well, I don’t know if I would call it “meaning”, but at least I clung to the POP Team Epic connections.Although I do not understand the inclusion of one used copy of Jim Carrey’s film from 1994, mask.

So … yes.I really don’t understand it and I honestly don’t know what to do with such a bizarre press package, but … thanks, I think, anime news Network and, I don’t know, crunchcharoll?I had to watch all these new episodes of POP Team Epic, using the services of streaming, like any other normal person in 2022, but I think I appreciate the innovative ideas of all freaks working with the PTE marketing team.At least I understand some of these tape labels now when I caught up with the program …

(Seriously, what is the contract with this terrifying doll and this … another thing? In one of these episodes there must be some ghostly sketch for Halloween, with which he will bind, but not! So now I got stuck with these strange “collectors”, whichI don’t even know that I can get rid of them. My wife does not want to have anything to do with them, which is understandable, and at home there is almost no place to storage, so now they are simply … in my office. They sit and look at me. They look as I write.)

Anyway, I think I should now review these episodes of the pop team epic, huh? To be honest, I am glad that I had the opportunity to share with you all this “metamarketing” because I broke my head for a moment, trying to find out how to describe this Dang Show. My predecessor, Gabriella, did a great job with her funny and creative shots, and life at this level will not be an easy task. On the other hand, the pop team epic is essentially a collection of some of the most unnecessarily rich and sophisticated shit posts, so I don’t even know how to “review” the program in any traditional sense. Most jokes are deliberately stupid, senseless and funny, and there is no way to quantitatively determine or determine what makes funny jokes work, without following the absurdly long and boring detour on the exact mechanics of the comedy sense of time and history –

I’m sorry, I lost my thinking a little.These cursed dolls and this pile of terrifying VHS cassettes really distract attention.In addition, I recently got a completely new computer and it is quite decent equipment, if I say it myself, so the fan can sometimes be a bit loud.The hell, came to the fact that – understand it – it sounds almost like a whisper.

Man, I hope it didn’t spoil me anymore.Wouldn’t that be my happiness?A broken fan or a short circuit of the motherboard after a few months!I mean why it would suddenly be overwhelmed by the choking “Morf sounds like this?At least … I think it’s a fan.It must have been, right?I am at home now, when I write it, so there is no one else who could …

Jesus, these things are simply bad.Although now, when I have some time to sit with them, I have to admit that they have a certain irresistible feature, a kind of presence …

What did I say

Oh yes!Epick team of pop.Yes.You know, one thing I can definitely say that this season sketches are much more ambitious.One of the most recognizable “funny” pieces that such a program can make is devoting too much time and effort to create a really great -looking parody of other media, and then recreate it (mostly) straight.Sketches “Biggus Mchugeguy” and “Train Battle” are so far one of the best this season, simply because they are really funny to watch, which helps completely stun the dialogues and visual gags much smoother.Almost all of the super-short, disposable gags will be so hit or misguided that I can do not do much to review them, but you can bet that I can find something to say about Gundam-Eque Spoofs and … um …

Okay, what to the hell?I just heard my voice and it certainly wasn’t my computer.He spoke words.Something about … “peace?”Or maybe “peas?”

I heard it again!I heard it as clearly as a fucking day, as if people stood right next to me in this damn room, singing: “We are only two peas, we are only two peas, peas, in the pod!”Not.No no.Officially, I’m not cool with this shit.I searched every inch of this house and I can’t guess where this sound comes from, the hell!


Now wait one damn minute.I understand. “Peas in the pod.” Just like a sweet, small tip from season 2 pop team epic!Har de Har Har.Very funny, Crunchyroll, King Records, Space Neko Company, or anyone, to the hell, came up with this “funny” marketing ploy.You almost had me!I am not a superstitious guy, but when you can even get me to look sideways at the stupid little dolls that you packed with a few VHS screenwriters, I think I have to give it to you.Nice work also with terrifying singing.I couldn’t find tiny speakers or anything you used to do a piece, but it’s a bit of creative engineering, I’ll tell you what.

I still don’t know what all this has to do with your show, but isn’t it perfect with the whole POP Team Epic grip?”Whooooooo, we are so accidental!We just make the strangest and stupidest shit, but intentionally and we already comment on how stupid and bad it is, so you can’t even criticize us when our banal advertising exploits don’t make sense, and maybe even make critics feel uncomfortable!Reference to Chocobo!Shit!Lolol! ”

You know what?I am not a pretentious critic who cannot accept it.If this is how the POP Team Epic review is supposed to look, then count me.I am a clown, assholes, just wait.This is nothing.I’m sure … that …

All right, I have one request to my charming editors here in Ann.Can we inform representatives of social media in Sony or anywhere else that not every bizarre idea they have to advertise their programs, it must be … repulsive?Not to mention relying on completely outdated analog technology.For now, I will stop at this goods;For some reason I liked these terrifying small things.If I manage to get a video recorder and an old TV with the right inputs, maybe I will make a movie with a reaction to see if there is a punch line in this joke.But really: next time at least give the guy heads-up.It’s a lot of work to go only to review stupid anime such as Pop Team Epic.

Editor’s attention: Anime News Network would like to clearly point out that we are in no way responsible for the alleged “press set”, which James documented in this review.After conducting our own investigation, we also came to the conclusion that the parcel delivered to James was not authorized or was not sent by Crunchyroll, King Records or any of the other related companies responsible for creating the POP Team Epic Season 2. Despite many attempts to make contact and explain this misunderstanding,We were not able to contact James since this article was sent.

Season 2 Pop Team Epic is currently broadcast in Crunchyroll.

James is a writer who usually waste his life on


, not understanding this, regardless of whether he knows or not, after all, he is just another peas in the pod.However, he will learn.He will learn very, very quickly.