Power rings: Who is Sauron?The trailer of episode 8 contains a list of 6 participants

The last episode of the first season of The Rings is fast approaching, and the secret of Sauron’s identity remains unresolved …

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Sauron’s identity

She should be revealed to us soon!Indeed, the first Rings of Power season is almost over.In a few days



Last episode

They will be available at Amazon Prime Video.Then we will have to wait for season 2 … but just

short trailer

He was broadcast for this famous episode 8. And just that you can say that he really wants to see it!In fact, it looks like

great revelations

They are getting ready … maybe even the identity of Sauron, a terrible enemy of Middle -earth!

Rings of Power takes place hundreds and hundreds of years before the events of the Lord of the Rings.However, we will find well -known characters there.



He is one of the main characters, next to the innocent


but already wise.These two elves work for good.But


Their great enemy floats over their heads.There is talk of Sauron and already arouses fear in the hearts of many.The inhabitants of the Southern Lands also paid the price for its darkness.Indeed, this great place was turned into a wasteland of ashes and renamed … Mordor!AND

Who says Mordor

Sauron said

.Will he finally show the tip of the nose?

The new power will be carved.

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October 7, 2022

Have we ever seen Sauron in Rings of Power?

And if Sauron was already one of the people we saw in previous episodes?In any case, this is how the mysterious trailer suggests … This one does not fail to choose 6 candidates for the role of a black magician.In effect

Adar, Celebrbor, Gil-Galad, Halbrand, Stranger


mysterious person


white cape

They appeared in the paintings … But which one could be entitled “Dark Lord”?



that one of the elves would become a Sauron.Indeed, each of them plays an important role in JRR Tolkien’s writings, and the difference would be too big to deal with it.Adar also does not seem a good candidate, taking into account his history and some of the things he said.Therefore, stay


Strangers and

mysterious person

in a white cape.Fans do not want it to be the first at all, it is for sure.However, Halbrand seems to hide a certain part of the darkness that can change … However, some fans believe that a young man could become

Witch-King of Angar

, one of the most trusted servants of Sauron … What do you think, who is Sauron?See you at the weekend in

Last episode

The first season of Rings of Power at Amazon Prime Video!