Premiere of episode 1037 One Piece

One element episode 1037 will be released this Sunday, and the pre -release video presents newly inspired straw hats and samurai ready to fight again.We see Kid faceing Big Mom, Killer faces Basil Hawkins, and Nami, Brook, Luffy and Kaido also have a few moments.You can watch the video preview below (the movie is also available in Crunchyroll at the end of episode 1036):

One piece – announcement of episode 1037

Preview of the episode 1037 One Piece reveals the title “Believe in Luffy!The counterattack begins! “And it ends with Kaido’s attack, while Luffy is still under water.Marco also appears briefly in the film, fighting King, and we also see Usopp and Nam.

One Piece Episode 1037 and Date of Chapter 1064

Episode 1037 Anime will be the premiere this Sunday, October 23, when Manga One Piece will release Chapter 1064. You can watch anime on Crunchyroll, and the latest manga chapters can be viewed for free

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