Preview of Spy X Family Episode 15 paintings was released

Preview of the 15th episode of Spy X Family Episode 15 is now available to be viewed on the website.Last week, Anya and her new fluffy friend went to disarm a terrible bomb, while Twilight, a dresser of disguise, plunged into action.The next episode is entitled “New family member”.

The site has a total of six photos showing subsequent events of the mission.The episode will be broadcast on Saturday, October 15 at 23:00 JST.Later, you will be able to watch it on the YouTube Crunchyroll, Netflix, Bililili and Muse Asia channel with English inscriptions in selected regions.

See below 15 images of the Spy X Family episode:

Mission カット 公開‼ ️ \ Mission: 15 は 10月 15日 (土) 23:00 より 、 テレビ 東京 他 にて 放送 放送 🎊✨ テロリスト 編 、 、 遂 に クライマックス です です 🥜🐶 皆 様 様 、 、 放送 を お楽しみ に に 🙏 🙏 #spa_family #スパイファミリー

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Anya from Spy X Family is awarded in an animated music video for the new Know Name song

The second theme song is “Souvenir” and is performed by Bump of Chicken, while the second ending is entitled “Color” and is performed by Yama.The animation of the series is dealt with by Wit Studio and Cloverworks.He will have a total of 25 episodes.

Spy X Family is a manga by Tatsuya Endo published in Shounen Jump and VIZ Media.He tells the story of a spy named Twilight, who has a secret mission to gain a family and infiltration of an elite private school.Without knowledge, his wife, he chosen is actually a killer, while the child adopted by him is a telepath.


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