Princess Principal Episode 10: (case 22) Comfort Comrade

Being Dorothy is struggling. each character nearly her dies and it sucks.

I consider that's a further case of “part character displaying up and dying so fast that i'll’t react with unhappiness”. I think it’s a little mean to claim that I didn’t care, but we hardly knew this girl. the ladies get the mission of getting to steal secret records and a girl they knew from their childhood days in secret agent university, referred to as the Farm, will support them with their mission. We study satisfactory used to be one of the vital critical high students that would rival with Ange in commonly the entire lot, evidently showing us that they don’t particularly get alongside despite the fact that they work so just right together. Her, Ange, and Dorothy are the only last spies from the Farm, which had me compelled and involved. After they entire their mission they exit to devour and reminisce however when best comes back from a toilet break, which built-in injecting herself with a distinctive drug, it’s simplest Dorothy that’s left. Ange and Beatrice are out to stake perfect’s vicinity, their real mission being whether or not or not she’s a double agent betraying them. eventually it seems that she is and the females attempt to stop her until Ange does her possess factor. What follows is a chase, revelations, and a suicide.

excellent was once a tragic character. The show made us believe that the character excellent favored to be like nevertheless under no circumstances could was once Ange, however instead it was once Dorothy. and i remember the attention that she would under no situations be like her made her spiral right right into a deep melancholy where she grew to be a drug addict. I believe just like the drug she was once as soon as injecting herself with used to be plot related and yet it used to be surely now not mentioned, so there’s that. It used to be convenient to get a think for her personality: she wanted to be mild and carefree like Dorothy was once as soon as when she took her out to the funfair once they recommendation they'd failed their examination, a memory that constantly sticks along together with her. nevertheless she couldn’t so she grew to be depressed. as a way to keep Dorothy from having to kill any one she notion of as a friend, superb took the liberty of that and killed herself. The story was awarded, it made experience, and the ending used to be unhappy and gorgeous brutal. nevertheless, all over again, due to the fact we had so little time to alternatively get to appreciate her and like her, i will be able to’t principally say i was too plagued by all of it. It was a quality episode, however it wasn’t the sufficient.

What I did apprecitate from this episode was once the look we bought into the secret agent institution Ange and Dorothy went to. I had regularly puzzled what it was once like, however I above all preferred to recognize how these girls had been definitely enrolled, although my bet is that they've been just snatched from the streets. It’s horrifying that the region was once readily known as the Farm and that women that didn’t make the cut simply up and disappeared. It just made me marvel what occurred to these women. Dorothy announcing that they’re “the one ones left” from their university simply makes it sound like all of the girls from the Farm are useless. So were they killed off? had been they simply kicked out and that’s all? in view that that how harsh the tutoring sounded, and judging it by means of its identify, I’m going to assert it’s the previous. If it’s particularly like a farm and there are special susceptible animals, why now not simply do away with stated animals?

The episode ends with a twist, as a new commander sits in the seat of their former L. This dude is suspicious as hell and it is going to get even more suspicious when he tells Ange and Dorothy of their subsequent mission, which is the assassination of Princess. There’s honestly in my mind that the Duke of Normandy is at the back of all this.

just right, with a twist like this there’s obviously now not going to be a 2nd season. It seems like this mission will span the leisure of the two episodes we have. I consider like simplest Ange and Dorothy are going to be the one ones to find out about this mission, maintaining both Chise and Beatrice at midnight. this may increasingly go in one amongst four approaches:

  1. Ange comfortably kills Princess
  2. Ange and Princess switch locations, Ange kills herself, and Princess lives her existence as Ange.
  3. Double suicide.
  4. They every run away.

I believe like situation 1 is tremendously not going. I feel just like the creators aren’t gutsy ample to kill definitely considered one of their possess major characters. quandary 3 appears probable for a enormous twist ending, but most of the time won’t occur as I consider the creators aren’t gutsy enough to kill two of their important characters. With the converse of the creators now not trying to kill their possess characters, then i assume obstacle 2 received’t occur either, so state of affairs four is most usually the no doubt and that might go away the sequence open for a sequel.

however, there might even be a challenge 5 that can be filled with asspulls and disappointment where Ange finds out who’s looking to have Princess killed, kill them, Princess turns into Queen in two episodes, happy ending. and that i instead wouldn’t want that to arise because it possibly lazy and damaging. I certainly wouldn’t be pleased with state of affairs four nevertheless…hm, actually, some thing goes.

Make it just right, 3Hz.

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