Promotional film Anime “I’m the Villainess, so I tame the final boss”, visualization of the second part of the film

The official website of the television adaptation of the anime Sarasa Nagase I’m The Villainess, so I am taming the final boss (Akuyak Reijō Nanode Last Boss about Katte Mimashita) revealed promotional video and visualization of the second part of the series on Saturday.

The site also revealed new cast members.

The premiere of the anime at Tokyo MX and MBS took place on October 1.Crunchyroll broadcasts anime in Japan, and also broadcasts English dub.

Kumiko Habara (I stand for 1,000,000 lives. Both seasons) directs anime in the MAHO film.Kent Ihara (Tomodachi Game, Vinland Saga, Saga Tanya The Evil) writes and supervises the scripts of the series.The designers of the character are Momoko Makiuchi, Eri Kojima and Yūko ōba.The music is composed by Natsumi Tabuchi, Hanae Nakamura, Miki Sakurai, Sayak Aoki and Canade Sakuma.

Rie Takahashi, who plays the main heroine of Aileen, performs the theme song “Kyо̄kan Sarenakute Mo II Janai”.Accamer performs the final song “Nomick”.

Yen Press has a license for both the novel and the manga adaptation and describes this story:

When her engagement with the prince ends unceremoniously, the details of the past life of the young nobleman Aileen become faster and help her realize that she lives in the world of one of her favorite otome games – as the heroine’s greatest rival!However, her memory has more holes in the story than the bad fiction of fans … And the only certainty is that if she doesn’t do something quickly, her death is almost certain.You can’t rely on the hero/main love interest, so why not see what the last boss has to say?

The series of novels debuted on the Shōetsuka ni Narō website (let’s be novelists) in 2017. Kadokawa began to publish novels with illustrations of Mai Murasaki in September 2017. Anko Yuzu began the adaptation of the manga in the Comp Ace Kadokawa in September 2017. June 2018. Third and lastA compiled volume of a book sent to Japan in December 2019.

Sources: I’m the villahaines, so I’ing the Final Boss anime

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