Przegląd Barbarians Season 2: Subscribers are delighted with Netflix?(Without spoilers)

The original creation was very quickly renewed after the huge success of the first season, but several years have passed since then, and the fans couldn’t be there.In addition, the streaming platform did not really promote the second season, which began on Friday.

Fortunately, following the excellent audience, the series appeared in the top ten of the world’s most watched series, which enabled two hundred million subscribers to watch the rest of the historical fiction!Many fans are disappointed, however, that Netflix will not advertise the barbarians of season 2:

“Why not advertise the barbarians of season 2, which came out yesterday (or in general barbarians) so that this series caught attention?Otherwise you will say at some point that there were too few ratings and cancel the series. »

This is how it can happen if the new episodes do not meet the expectations of the leaders of the American company, but for now the series has a great start, which should allow her to get the third season!

Barbarians Season 2: Discover the opinions of subscribers

We start with the first person who particularly appreciated the new part, because she has already completed all episodes: “Season 2 was not perfect, but as usual very funny and visually stunning.6 episodes are not enough!Netflix is interested in renewing this series, otherwise! »

Some were disappointed with the homosexual scene and justified themselves, saying that at that time such practices did not exist, which is of course false … But how can we blame those people who probably have some problems with their own sexual identity, if this type of scene raises so much hatred.

Other viewers even went to compare barbarians with the house of the dragons and rings of power: “Better give me the 3rd season of barbarians, because this series is better than the house of dragons and the rings of power in Amazon Prime.”

That is why you will understand this season 2 barbarians clearly meets expectations, so you can prepare popcorn and spend the evening watching six episodes that await you only on Netflix!

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