PS Plus: Here is how many developers earn by offering their games

How much do programmers earn by offering their games on PS Plus?The information has been disclosed for one of the titles offered this year and compared with the Xbox Game Pass.

Every month, Sony pampers its subscribers, offering three free games on PS Plus.Elections that are not always unanimous, but which allow programmers to present their titles to millions of players.The Japanese company does not hesitate to put his hand on the wallet, but how much does the addition of the game to PS+bring?We have the answer.

Sony gets a PS Plus wallet

While the Xbox Game Pass has become one of the best offers on the market, Sony has finally attacked, changing PS Plus.Divided into three different formulas, the service still offers “free games” every month to all subscribers.This enabled the distinction of service games such as Fall Guys when they were launched, or introducing self -ways to as many players as possible, such as A Plague Tale Innocent.To make these beautiful gifts, Sony is ready to pay an infernal sum.

This is the case, for example, in the case of ARK: Survival Evolved, offered on PS Plus in March 2022.The Securities and Stock Exchange Commission (SEC) revealed that Sony spent $ 3.5 million to offer their subscribers a survival game.For his part, Microsoft paid as much as $ 2.5 million to add the same title to the Xbox Game Pass in the first half of the year.Add to this about $ 2.3 million spent to start the ARK 2 service after starting.For comparison, the Simulator cooking joined the Xbox Game Pass from August 2022 for around 600,000 USD.The price granted to programmers, of course, depends on the scale and popularity of the game, but the new ones allow a new insight into the cost of the titles offered.