PS5: Two very practical new functions have appeared

The latest PS5 update did not reveal all its secrets.Indeed, it brought two new functions, very practical for trophies hunters.

Shortly after the hackers announced that they managed to break Jail on PS5, the console received two new updates.From routine updates aimed at improving “stability and performance”, which we are used to.However, the latest hides much more than it seems.

New features will appear on PS5

The latest PS5 update has been thoroughly analyzed by the site


.According to American media, the version 22.02- The console not only “improves system performance”.Unlike what Sony announced in information about the patch, two functions received changes.Flagship new PS5,

Activity cards

Designed to help players in their activities in the game.The way they are presented during the game has changed.

Instead of a list of stretching icons, activity cards are now stored in specific folders: solo or multiplayer.It is enough to improve readability for PS5 players who like this function.The second big change concerns the famous trophies.Now the game list is displayed in a more intuitive way from a dedicated map, without having to pass through the menu again.It is even possible to attach some trophies in real time without performing several manipulations.A function that should therefore delight trophies hunters.