Psycho Helmet takes over the announcement of episode 4 MOB Psycho 100 III

MOB Psycho 100 III revealed the announcement of episode 4, entitled “Divine Tree 1 – appears the founder ~”, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, October 26.The mysterious psycho Helmet appeared in the previous episode and stirred a pot with devoted supporters.The plot of the upcoming episode is described as follows:

As if running down with the appearance of psycho-herłm, the roots of plants multiply throughout the city.Sensing the danger, Reigen and Ritsu go to destroy the holy tree, but the city’s inhabitants who gave in to the cult do brainwashing.Meanwhile, the Tero, who believes that the tree is the cause of the city’s problems, itself enters broccoli, but the power seems to be too great.The crowd leaves the rooted brain Reigen and goes alone to the holy tree when his followers walk him.

MOB Psycho 100 III Episode 4 – Picture preview

Season 3 MOB Psycho 100 is directed by Takahiro Hasui and animated by Studio Bones.Hiroshi Seko is responsible for the composition of the series, and Yoshimichi Camera again deals with character designs.Kenji Kawai composes music.According to the president of the Bones studio, Masahiko Minami, this season will not contain CGI and will be completely drawn by hand.The main songs are “1” (opening) and “Cobalt” (ending) MOB Choir.Crunchyroll broadcasts anime.


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