PV collection from 17 to 23 October

Here is a collection of promotional films, television ads, trailers and trailers that were released last week.This thread excludes films that have already been described in the article.Check on the discussion board, under the tag, articles containing a promotional video.PV thread from last week can be found here.

Hikari no ou |TelevisionPV

The official website of the Hikari No Ou anime has published its first promotional film on Wednesday.Signal.MD produces television anime, which will start in the winter of 2023.

Note: The film is blocked in the region;click


to get an alternative link.


The second promotional film of the original television anime Nitroplus and Shychiku Revenger was published on Friday on the official account of the Twitter series.

Rougo in Sonaete iskekai 8-person not Kinka in TamamasTelevisionPV

The official website of Rougo ni Sonaete Isokai de 8-manai no Kinka Wo Tamamasu published the first promotional film on the series on Tuesday.The video presents the main character of the series, Mitsuha Yamano, who is voiced by Rika Nagae.Television anime produced by Felix Filix is to premiere in the winter of 2023.

Kyoushitsu spyTelevisionPV

A set of films with Feel anime characters.The adaptation of Spy Kyoushitsu was published by the official website of the series throughout the week.The video shows the characters of Lily and Grete, whose voice was used by Sora Amamiya and Miku Itou respectively.The television anime is scheduled for the winter of 2023.