Quanzhi Fashion Season 5 Date of release, characters, departments and the latest news!

Quanzhi Fashion (also known as Full-time Master) finished season 4 last year, and fans are already waiting for the fifth part of his beloved Donghua.

Rumors say that the Chinese animated series will return more right after the premiere of the fourth season.There are many emotions related to the fifth season of Quanzhi Fashion.People are eagerly waiting for all news on this subject.In general, watching the series is great fun.The plot is always interesting and surprising.

Some watched the fourth season of the popular Chinese animated series.New and old characters appeared in it.People say that for this reason it will be renovated for the fifth season.It was also said that due to the story, the fifth season would probably be created.

People believe in these rumors about the new Quanzhi Fashion season.We are excited to find out.When the Chinese government has announced a transition schedule for the White House, there was a lot of speculation in the international community about whether it would pave the way to a larger role in global matters.

The fourth season of the Chinese anime series gained even more viewers and attention during the coronaviru pandemic.After launching the fourth season, numerous rumors appeared on the internet that the series has already been renovated for season 5.

On Myanimelist Adachi and Shimamura

They occupy 2795 with a rating of 7.23 with about 100,000members.Meanwhile on


The series received a 7.6 rating, which is based on the user reviews.

Confirmation of the fifth season of Quanzhi Fashion?

This is!The new Quanzhi Fashion season has been confirmed by producers.They also gave us more information on this topic. The new season will consist of 50 episodes.It will not give away the spoilers in season 1.

The first episode of the new season will be broadcast on September 3, 2019.

Season 4 Quanzhi Fashion came out in May 2020 rumors that season 5 would start to spread a few weeks later.But Tencent said that he would renew the future of Quanzhi Fashion for the next five seasons just a few weeks after the premiere of the fourth season.The cast of the series shot in season 5. The program was renovated for the next season.

The release date of the fifth season of Quanzhi Fashion

Tencent did not say if it would be the fifth season.But he said he would see more content soon.

In the first, second and third season there was a break lasting all year between their release.Fans had to wait 2 years before they could see Season 4. They could also order a DVD with the series to keep up with him.

Coronavirus delayed the release date of season 5, because experts, let’s say that it will appear only at the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023. Coronavirus is a deadly virus that was not cured, and which attacks the upper respiratory tract, including nose and throat.

There is nothing new to say about the program at that time.I will write another paragraph about something else.

History of Quanzhi Fashion

Quanzhi Fashion tells the story of MO Fan, a high school student who accidentally enters a magical parallel dimension.Everything in this reality reminds him of his earlier existence.He was still the son of a poor worker and a sister’s half -brother who was disabled.The best students in this universe are scholars to use magic to defend against wicked animals that hide in a deep forest surrounding the city.

MO fan was admitted to an outstanding school of magic, but because of his low social position and lack of magic ability, he was ridiculed by his class bumps.On the other hand, our poor weaker managed to master both powerful fire and unusual light elements.

Anime adaptation is based on a series of fantasy novels, Fantasy Versatile Mage novels.The difficulties and triumphs of MO fan in improving its power were shown in previous seasons.In season 5 we can expect more of his fantastic adventures.

Characters and cast in the 5 Quanzhi Fashion season

Tencent and the creators are currently a tip-tip on the details of the cast of the fifth season of Quanzhi Fashion.So there is no certainty which characters will return in the fifth season.

The fourth part of Quanzhi Fashion consisted of a varied voice and character.Here is a short list of some of our absolute favorites:

MO fan

– He is the hero of our history.MO fan is fearless and stubborn to succeed and become a master of magic school.His intellect is what distinguishes him from others at his age.

Mu ning xue

– A real friend MO fan, with innate magical abilities.

Xin Xia

– Natural sister MO fan with disabilities.who is chained to a wheelchair

Is there any trailer?