Read Chapter 1063 One Piece and Leaks with Reddit – Law versus Czarnobrody

Another interesting chapter of One Piece is approaching!The upcoming chapter 1063 One Piece will contain LAW vs.Blackbeard.We have approximate spoilers to the chapter, and the story is currently in progress, so we will change the post when we have more updates.

Chapter 1063 One Piece is entitled “My only family” on the cover, we see Cracker, who is frozen and Brulee cries and says that the pudding has been kidnapped.

Read them stoves chapter 1063 spoilers

We also see Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe and Bonney when they change with a specific Vegapunk machine.Luffy, Chopper and Bonney wear futuristic clothes, and Jinbe Hawaiian.

They met Kuma, a police robot in uniform.Differs from a real kuma;He wears round sunglasses and has a robot arms.

Kuma attacks them.Luffy intends to hit Kuma, but Bonney stops him.Bonney doesn’t want Luffy to hit Kuma because he is her real father and the only family.

In this chapter we will also see the image of the younger Kuma holding Bonney when she was still young.

In this chapter we will not receive any updates about Zoro, Franky, Nami, Usoppa, Brook and Robin.

Go to another place;We can see that black -deested on the right in the middle of the sea.

Czarnobrody takes with him Jesus Burgess, Van August, Doc Q and Striger.They all have the power of Akuma No Mi.

Jesus Burgess: Riki Riki, I have extraordinary strength.Doc p: Shiku Shiku, I can infect people with diseases, van Augur: Wapu Wapu, I can teleport people;Street: Uma, mythical zoan, model: Pegasus, can transform into pegasus.

The law escapes to the nearby island, but Van August first teleports Burgess.Burgess raises the whole mountain and throws it to Law.

DOC Q The stronger arrives.Blackborn is over them.

DOC Q uses its powers to change lava into a woman for a moment, but LAW uses its hooks to break the power of Dr. Q.

The law says that strong hooks can annul the power of Akuma no.He also says that he learned a lot while fighting Kaidou and Big Mom.

Czarnobrody appears before lava.Czarnobrody wondered which of the three captains who left Wanokuni would meet him first.

On the last page, Czarnobrody and Law are ready to fight.

Czarnobrody: “Kaidou had to have one of them … so I will take all your road poneglyph !!”

Law: “I’m ready !!The winner takes everything! ”

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