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One day the world has changed into the game.”Sows” and “Monsters” appeared in city centers, as did “players” with divine power.Se-Jun Lee, master of the guild of the Messiah who will ensure the salvation of the earth.

“Let’s work together to protect the earth.”Let’s call it the day and launch this horror.The whole world was happy with the arrival of the hero, and I became his friend.But … he was not a hero or Messiah, but the world loved him.He was an intriguing hero with a secret desire to control the world.

“You did a great job.Until now I couldn’t come if it wasn’t for you.In the last dungeon I was killed by his blade…. at least I believed it.The advertisement I heard right next to my ear when I died.[Starting the game.] I went back when I haven’t woke up as a player yet.And now my turn …… “hunt” on him.

Kim Woo-Jin

Jin-Kim is a young man with sharp features;Hook eyebrows, amber, dangerous eyes and an average silhouette with a hair of black hair.Jin-Kim was a distant, anti-social person who preferred to be alone in her first world.However, he highly valued his guild master.

Jin-Kim became cynical, cold and calculated as a result of his previous experiences related to watching the world like foggy gray.He is also extremely vindictive, as evidenced by his decision to revenge on all who hurt him.