Reborn as a seller, I Now Wander the Dungeon English Manga Translation announced by Yen Press

What do you do after reincarnation as a fantasy machine?Source of the photo: Hirukuma

On October 8, 2022, Yen Press announced on Twitter that Manga is reborn as an automaton, I Now Wander The Dungeon will go to English readers!The release date has not been announced, but Japan still has only one volume.

So we won’t be so far behind, but will we get it before starting anime?And how many volumes will the manga get?

These are only three light novels, and the first volume of the manga contains nine chapters.However, Light novels have 110 chapters in all three, so the manga should take a while.

The key picture and cover of the first volume Reborn As a Vending Machine, and Now Wander The Dungeon.Photo:

Fresh air breath?

ISEKAI can be the most important species that exists.Most of the main characters die, remain OP and create or attract harem, and most of the main characters are stupid.

I am reborn as a machine, now I wander the dungeons balancing between creativity and bizarre.The nameless main character loves slot machines.

So much that he has to buy new items and even considers joining the subscription service to get a free drink.But before he makes a decision, something that looks like a truck-kun falls into the machine and leaves.

Every other would jump from the road and let the machine fall, but our boy tried to save it.And somehow he was reborn as a seller and was sent to the fantasy world.

He cannot speak or move, but he can adapt his equipment and all the items he bought when he was human.However, he quickly discovers that he needs money to improve, exchange supplies and stay alive.

Fortunately, Lammis finds him and buys several items.In the end they find a way to communicate and Lammis decides to take him with him when he returns to his village.

Can a newly named Boxxo earn enough money to survive in this strange world?

New advertisement in the manga: Reborn as a machine, now I wander the dungeons

Cause of death: automatic.Is there any more end for enthusiasts of vending vending vending machines?Manga of adaptation of the beloved light novel Yen on, soon anime!

– Yen Press (@yenpress)

October 8, 2022

Problem with the use of Japanese vending machines

Japan is known for many things and often develops new technologies.But some of their products may be bizarre, and in some cases illegal.

Like used women’s underwear or new women’s underwear designed to look and smell as if it was used thanks to perfumes, they come in different colors and styles.Fortunately, our Boxxo seemed to turn towards a practical direction by buying items from the machine.

But I have never met Isekai, who did not have fans’ service or many love interests.Fortunately, the first chapter shows that Boxxo uses its brain and focuses on basic things such as survival.