Reborn to Master The Blade Graphic key released with more details

Key graphics and additional details about the use of Reborn to Master The Blade: from Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire were revealed.

The new cast members are

Haruka Shiraishi

as eris,

Eri Kitamura

as Sisria Rouge i

Naomi Oozora

as ripple.

Reborn to Master The Blade premiered in January 2023.It is an adaptation of the Light Novel novel published by the Japan Hobby, written by


and illustrated by


.The series began in November 2019 and has eight volumes since August 2022. Light novels are published under the HJ Bunko brand.

© ハヤケン ・ ホビー ジャパン ジャパン/『英雄 王 、 武 を 極める 極める ため 転生 す』 製作 委員会 委員会

J Novel Club describes the story as follows:

From the deathbed of hero-kite Inglis, a divine knight and ruler of everything he examines, looks down on the empire, which he built with his powerful hand. Having devoted his life to state crafts and the prosperity of his subjects, his only unfulfilled dream is to live again, this time for himself: the life of a warrior he devoted himself to power. His goddess patron, Alistia, hears his request and smiles at him, throwing his soul into the distant future. The goddesses work in a mysterious way – Inglis is not only the daughter of a smaller noble family, but during her first ceremony of growing up at the age of 6, she does not qualify for the noble title! However, for the lady about Inglis ambitions, this is not so much a failure as a challenge, which (again) was born. “It is not the blood flowing in your veins that makes a knight; This is the blood you poured on the battlefield! ” The curtain hovers over the legend of an unusual camper lady who was reborn to master the blade!

In the staff Reborn to Master The Blade is located

Nayyuki kuzuya

(Bikini Warriors) as a director,

Mitsutak Hirota

(Edens Zero) as a composer of the series,

Reiichirou Oofuji

(designer weapons 3Bece! Angela, illustrator The Illustration Guide Book of Military Uniforms) as a character designer and

Kenta Higashiooji

(Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2 music composer) as a composer.

Chiko Miyagawa

(Fairy Ranmaru),

Lion Matsuda

(Fairy Ranmaru EP 9 Assistant Animation in Heavens Space) and

Fukui Maki

(Animation of the director’s selection) are co-designers of sub-centers.

© ハヤケン ・ ホビー ジャパン ジャパン/『英雄 王 、 武 を 極める 極める ため 転生 す』 製作 委員会 委員会

© ハヤケン ・ ホビー ジャパン ジャパン/『英雄 王 、 武 を を 極める ため 転生 す す』 製作 委員会 © ハヤケン ハヤケン ・ ホビー ジャパン ジャパン/『英雄 王 王 、 武 を 極める ため ため 転生 す』 』製作 委員会 委員会 委員会 委員会

In addition, Oofuji, Miyagawa,

Masayuki Nomoto

(Main animator Fairy Ranmaru), and Matsuda act as the main animation directors.

Comet studio

This is a company dealing in animation production.

Meanwhile, the cast is found

Akari Kitou

as the hero of Inglis Eucus,

Ai kakuma

as Rafinha Bilford,

Tomori Kusunoki

as Leons Olfa i

Wakana kuramachi

as Liselotte Arcia.

Reborn to Master The Blade began as an internet novel about Shousetsuk ni Narou in March 2019. Manga adaptation by

Moto Kuromurs

It began in December 2019.


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