Recruitment of mercenaries Chapter 106: Jiyeh and Kanga conversation!Date of release and chart

The chapter of recruitment of mercenaries Chapter 106 is equated with the final date of issue this week.In the next two days, the favorite of Ijin fans will return to the screens.And as part of this, he will take trouble just to help Jiyeh regain the authority of Saint.There are many members in this family who do not want to allow split.Not devoting much time, here is everything you need to know about the next chapter.

In the story below there will be a lot of trouble with the fact that Jiyeh is alone in this game.That is why this is the only reason why he tries to collect as many allies as possible.Will he manage to overcome the political mess that is happening in SW?

Recruitment Mercenaries Chapter 106: What will happen next?

The next chapter at Teenage Mercenary will consist only of conversations and without action.Jiyeh tolerates all pain and suffering.But this is a time when you release from all the mess.The departure of Yungho was something that shook the whole arrangement of SW Group.And now the next chapter will open a conversation between these two.The idea is to maintain a balance between playing the game and looking at all this unconsciously.

So for the first time he intends to tell Kang about everything.In addition, he is also guilty of explaining.It will be interesting to see how Kang will react to everything.But he will definitely comfort her and say that she gives the support he needs now.

Summary of the previous chapter!

Chapter 105 Recruitment of mercenaries began with Jiyeh, learning that her man became the target of enemies.On the other side of the frame it was obvious that the enemies were not satisfied with the course of the last plan.Jiyeh’s assistant came to her later.He said he was depressed seeing that Yungho had lost his life.

So he quickly went to talk about the company.Jiyeh said that he can no longer act under the influence of emotions.The fact that there were so many enemies there only meant that she had to be colder.The chapter ended with the meeting of Kang and Jiyeh.And this is the time when he learns everything that is happening around him!

Chapter 106 Registration of mercenaries: Date of release

The final release date The next chapter of Teenage Mercenary will have no breaks.In this way, fans can catch them in the next two days.Chapter 106 Mercenaries are to be released on October 15, 2022. Fans will be able to read all Manhwy chapters only on the official Naver, Webtoon and KakaPage pages.Finally, look at The anime Daily to receive all updates on the same topic.