Reincarnation as a sword episode 3: Godeye!The release date and more!

Reincarnation as a sword episode 3 will explain the power of new skill, Godeye.The previous episode of Anime led Fran to the city of Alessa.In addition, she registered in the city guild of adventurers.However, she encountered several former mercenaries who may become a problem in the future.But there is something else that Fran has to worry about.

The upcoming episode of the anime will be much more interesting because Fran has a persecutor.What’s more, he has several Godeye skills that can figure out an enemy intelligence weapon.It seems that the person has determined that Fran is wearing a sword that has his own conscience.It is not clear, however, whether this person will become Fran’s friend in the future.Read the article below to get more information about the upcoming episode!

Reincarnation as a sword, episode 3: Godeye!

Reincarnation as a sword episode 3 will be a difficult episode for the main character of Fran.He gained recognition in the previous episode.So there must be some people who tend to persecute Fran in the upcoming episode.What’s more, it will also follow some monsters to get a rank in the guild, as well as its powers.

But this is not the only problem that is important for Fran.The most important thing for Fran is to keep your identity in the greatest secret.Shadow identity will help her in the future reveal the real power of the enemy without any effort.Even ordinary adventurers around Fran had a large number of statistics.That is why Fran has to improve his attack combinations to become the best.

What was the cover of the previous episode?

The second episode of Reincarnated as a Sword began with Fran’s adventures around Goblin.However, she learned that several goblins attacked the buyer nearby.So she eliminated goblins with a double blow and a sword with a sword attack.What’s more, the buyer driver asked her for help in the city of Alessa, to which he was heading.

Fran got on the cart and received information about adventurers from the buyer.So she decided to join the guild of the adventurers of the city of Alessa as soon as she arrives.However, the fight that took place during an adventurer exam was unusual.However, she chose the main character on her guard card Sword Maze to start hunting.However, someone discovered the intelligence of her weapon.

Reincarnated as a sword, episode 3: release date

Reincarnated as a Sword, episode 3 will be released on October 12, 2022. The previous episode of the anime came out on October 5.Fans do not expect anything less than better than the previous episode.You will be able to watch it on the Bilili website.Until then, visit other articles from The anime Daily to get further updates!